Battery issues

  • No I have not. Contacted OW and they advised me to send them a report when it exhibits pushback at 60%. They also suggested at that point I place it on a milk carton and engage it until it completely stops in order to reset complete zero.

  • Interesting. Let us know how it goes. Hopefully that resolves your issue.

  • Jupp, a year ago I had some trouble with the battery on my OW+ and I put it between two chairs and let it go to zero.
    Then I but it on the charger overnight and since then it works great.
    Be sure to charge it on the floor when charging so you don't use a stand.

  • @Khayman said in Battery issues:

    Be sure to charge it on the floor when charging so you don't use a stand.

    Any reason for this? My OW+ and XR are always on the stands and always plugged in . . . over 1700 miles on both of them without a single battery problem.

  • Curious too.

  • Update, I ran the battery down to 57% when pushback prohibitted riding. I then sent OW a diagnostic report and then placed unit on a milk carton and depleated the remaining battery by hand. Charged unit for 12 hours and contacted OW once again. Their advice was to place unit back on the charger for 72 hours and then send then another diagnostic report.
    Unit is currently on the charger.

  • Do you suspect it’s a battery issue though? I wonder if disconnecting the battery for a few hours to completely drain the board/motor/electronics and then reconnecting will “reset” it.

  • @AussieWheeler I’m not sure 🤔 if I also have an issue, when I charge mine to 100% and I ride 3 ft it immediately goes to 99% charge.
    I’ve never actually run my board down and only got 13 steady miles on it.

  • Well I left the wheel on the charger on the charger for over 72 hours with no change.IMG_5354.png IMG_5355.png

  • I think it's time to contact FM again. Keep us posted.

  • @MDMason mate get those bloody hipsters in Cali onto this! You’re missing out on float-time.

  • Contacted OW. They stated the only thing left is to send the board in at my expense.

  • @MDMason My XR was tilting back at 59%, so I contacted FM. I sent them the diagnostics and they said I should send it in. I'm paying for it, but then my board is over a year old (out of warranty) and has almost 1900 miles on it. So, I'm gonna try to get them to replace the batteries with new ones, since it's on my dime.

    Is your board still under warranty? If it is, they normally don't make the decision on who pays for shipping until they evaluate the board to see if it's a warranty repair.

  • @MDMason i have an android and downloaded the Onewave app from github. It gives you the individual cell voltages. If you don't have an android, maybe a friend does?

  • Just heard back, my battery pack needs replacing. Will be nice to have new batteries, but I've got to factor this into my "cost of riding", LOL. Like that would stop me!

  • My board only has 135 miles. It is out of warranty. I'm going to try and run it down to zero a couple of times before I decide to send it in. This incident doesn't give me much confidence in the quality of the board.

  • Why is it out of warranty with 135 miles?

  • @Ramphex Was wondering the same . . . perhaps it was off the charger for an extended time. If left with no charge, that would harm the battery. Even leaving it on the charger for a long time without ever using it could do the same.

  • It's out of warranty because it's been over a year since purchase. I've always operated down to about 40-50% and then brought back to full charge. At full charge I disconnected it. It has not sit idle for more than a few days even though the mileage doesn't reflect it.

  • @MDMason said in Battery issues:

    It's out of warranty because it's been over a year since purchase.

    side rant: as one of the Pint owners, i feel this policy is so unfair. i didn't receive my Pint until late July, but i ordered it in March, so technically it's going to be out of warranty in March, which sucks. it wasn't even turned on before July. kinda sucks.

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