Battery issues

  • My board only has 135 miles. It is out of warranty. I'm going to try and run it down to zero a couple of times before I decide to send it in. This incident doesn't give me much confidence in the quality of the board.

  • Why is it out of warranty with 135 miles?

  • @Ramphex Was wondering the same . . . perhaps it was off the charger for an extended time. If left with no charge, that would harm the battery. Even leaving it on the charger for a long time without ever using it could do the same.

  • It's out of warranty because it's been over a year since purchase. I've always operated down to about 40-50% and then brought back to full charge. At full charge I disconnected it. It has not sit idle for more than a few days even though the mileage doesn't reflect it.

  • @MDMason said in Battery issues:

    It's out of warranty because it's been over a year since purchase.

    side rant: as one of the Pint owners, i feel this policy is so unfair. i didn't receive my Pint until late July, but i ordered it in March, so technically it's going to be out of warranty in March, which sucks. it wasn't even turned on before July. kinda sucks.

  • @Franko said in Battery issues:

    so technically it's going to be out of warranty in March

    Not only unfair, but I'd argue illegal!

  • Most warranties don’t start until received date for those reasons. I would argue as well if there was an issue. I hope FM customer service doesn’t go down hill due to greed as they see the $$ roll in.

  • Well I finally heard back from Future Motion after I sent them the board with only 129 miles on it.

    Thank you for your patience and my apologies for the delay. I received the full evaluation and quote cost for your board from our repair techs today.

    Your battery is found to not be performing up to our specifications and is in need of replacement. This was causing the decreased range issues you were reporting.

    Since your board is no longer within the 6-month or 12-month warranty period, the total cost to get your board back in tip-top shape is $410.69. Below is a breakdown of the cost:

    Battery Pack -$357.00
    Out of Warranty Repair -$52.76
    Roundtrip Shipping -$80.00

    Total: $489.76

    Although this board is not within the warranty period, we really appreciate you as a rider and want to make sure you can get back on the road ASAP.

  • After the above reply I ask if Future Motion would stand behind a new battery pack. Their response was no. It’s my conclusion that this company will not support their product beyond the technical absolutes of their minimal warranty and provide no goodwill when the circumstance dictate otherwise. This is the most regretful purchase I have ever made and can’t decide if I want to invest another $500 for another 129 miles. Check out the Better Business Bureau for similar cases. Future buyers beware!

  • @MDMason
    The same thing just happened to my board at 150 miles. The battery repair ends up costing 1/3 of the board cost. That’s a lot of money, they will not even acknowledge my ask for a discount.

    I’ve now come to notice that they do not mention warranty on their website, or maybe it’s hidden and I can’t find it. There is no tab for warranty details as commonly found on product websites. So disappointing, I have recommended this board to two of my friends which resulted in them purchasing one. Will not be doing that anymore.

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