Two-X Battery

  • Anyone know if Two-X batteries are available? The site has no phone and no one is answering any questions or Facebook messages? Maybe Tweet? I know I'm way behind in this social media crap but I don't get it. I would really like to buy one if they are available or if the company is still in business. I've been trying for 2 weeks. I even made a stupid Facebook acct just to try and make contact. I'm not interested in back ordering anything anymore.... but that's my problem I guess. So do I need a twitter account know? I know it probably makes no difference, but I guarantee I can find something else to spend $500 on fast. I'm not mad, I'm just baffled. The mod looks like a great project for an old V1. I guess next option will just be to build my own but this kit looks very well though out to me. Please help.

  • Soren is a one-man shop, and he is very upstanding. If you order one, you will get one. I can't speak to back orders, and he does often get busy with his day job and can take a while to respond.

    Please be aware that a Two-X upgrade should not be taken lightly, it is an intensive install and you should watch the install video at least 3 times before purchasing one. Take a careful look at the parts where his hand is in the way of seating the battery and wires. You will wish you could see what is going on in there, and it is frustrating to fit it all in correctly.

    It is highly unlikely that you will build a product as safe and robust as the Two-X yourself in the time it would take for your Two-X to arrive, even if it were back-ordered. I ordered mine a few months ago and it shipped like 4 days later. I have about 1,000 miles on my Two-X now, and I love it.

    Please also keep in mind that you will not have problems on pavement with the Two-X, but you will have to be selective when you go off-road. If you have float plates, check them out. Any trail which can put a gash in your float plates is a trail you probably want to avoid on a Two-X. I still spend half my time on mountain bike trails, but I have to stay away from the ones with steep, rocky downhill sections (i.e. some of the most fun trails).

    All that being said, the Pint will probably be on sale on Friday for $850 - $900. Would you be willing to spend double on a brand new Pint? I bought the Two-X with the hope of having it bridge me until the XR replacement is released. As much as I did not like the install, and miss riding on the gnarly trails, I would install the Two-X again without question, if I had it to do all over again.

    FYI, the OW app doesn't support Two-X. I am working on getting pOnewheel and Onewave updated with a software battery remaining approximation for people with Two-X and Android phones.

  • Thanks a bunch for the info. The guy messaged me 2 months ago and had them at that time but since then I locally tested and blew my cash on a new Pint. No regrets! It's my favorite version so far.
    This battery looks like a super simple plug and play mod and the instructions are good. I've been an electronics guy for 40 years so there's nothing here that looks weird to me.
    I'm sure the guy is an awesome dude but I'm just a customer and I'm not asking for a favor. I would just like conformation of stock before I buy anything anywhere...Nothing personal. Communication problems when business is concerned seems strange to me.
    Btw , The Fang guy behaved the same way and so I made 3 different custom sets for the heck of it to test the concept. It was a waste of time for me. I tried some real ones later and I think mine were better but neither made any difference to me. I can and will make my own battery mod if I have to. I have already found and priced the cells. I have all the other hardware on my shelf. I was also thinking of adding a small illuminated battery voltage monitor (DVM) that could be mounted in or on the fender. Unfortunately I don't know how I would make the two little plastic satellite battery enclosures yet . Thanks again!
    It's not a big deal either way. I'm ready to pull the trigger now and maybe for a few more days but I may get distracted. I've got several other projects and then there is the Christmas thing around the corner.

  • @biell I agree with all you said! I have a two-x, and while it was a difficult install, it rides like a dream with tons of range and no trouble going up hills or the battery kicking out, which I’ve heard can be an issue with the XR. Soren rocks and is responsive but not always immediately. However he navigated me through any troubles I had.

  • i guess im still out of luck with a 4212 xr, yeah?

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