I can't stand the rain!!! ('gainst my Onewheel)

  • now that winter is seemingly here, i'm resigning myself to not riding when it's wet out, so i'm going to have significantly less time floating around. but it seems like from what @blkwalnutgrwr says, it's possible to ride in snow. i'm afraid of getting my Pint too wet, and that combined with salt just worries me. what do you all do to protect your boards?

  • Franko, with the Badger waterproof kit installed on my V1 I have had no problems. Rain, shine, or snow I have been riding everyday for months averaging almost 20 miles per day. One of my favorite times to ride is right after a rain -- everything is fresh, with puddles to carve around, or (rarely) to splash through.

  • I moved to Florida to not have any of the above mentioned issues lol. Aside from occasional hurricanes.... the rain doesn't last more than an hour or so and there's no winter. Although last night it was 48, brrr, I still went out for a 3-4 mile ride :-D.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr oh, i hadn't heard about these. i'll have to check it out. thank you!

    [EDIT]: according to their website, they don't sell kits for the Pint yet. it's still "under evaluation." : \

    so... has anyone waterproofed their Pint yet?

  • I know I’ve def seen video of people riding on snow. Actually it was at Scheels! Just regular xr’s on hard pack (thinking that might be the key aspect).

  • @a_onekatie The FF Treaded Hoosier tire keeps me floating in winter. Riding in rain sucks compared to snow. Slush and black ice are the worse conditions I’ve encountered. Took a good spill last night on some ice. Board slid out and I went sliding another 5 feet after crashing to the ground. Haha. Wintertime riding. I’ve learned to go slow (I hit a whopping 12.5 mph on this mornings commute) and search for dry ground when possible.

  • @HanahsDax makes your streak all the more special. Got to admire your dedication.

  • @stinkyface Thanks. Even if there wasn’t a streak record portion of the leaderboard I’m with @a_onekatie walking is just stupid after owning one of these.

  • Oh, you poor, poor people! I'm wintering in Saint Martin right now. I ride 10 miles a day in shorts and a tank top, getting an awesome tan. Oh..... wait a minute. Shit, I guess I dreamed that.

  • Enjoying the 95°F weather here in Perth Australia :D #justsaying

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