Power issues with the pint

  • Brand new pint with under 300 miles, shut off after a full battery push back, and wont stay on, when I push the power button it bilinks white for a split second and then goes back off, also when I plug the charger in it blinks white. any feedback as to what's could be taking place?

  • @tomas it blinks white, not yellow? how many times does it blink? the Pint manual has a blink code page, but they are all for either yellow or red -- but maybe the number of blinks it gives might help figure out what's going on.

  • hmmm. Sounds like its overcharged... I wouldn't know exactly what to do in the case of an overcharged board especially since it wont stay on long enough to run it out. Perhaps leaving it connected to to the charger overnight to kinda balance it out...? Worth a shot... Otherwise I'd just contact support if the user manual isn't helpful.

  • @tomas how’d you go man? Curious to know if you managed to resolve the issue

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