• I know there are some apps available out there to track your speed etc., but I reckon a tasteful on-board speedo would be a really useful addition. Perhaps built into the fender? Maybe on the board? A quick glance down to get a reading of your speed would be nice.

  • Next gen to replace the battery LEDs with a small OLED screen that gives a bunch of info depending on your settings in the app?

  • That will make people look down to their board while riding, I don't really think it's is a good idea to put information on the board or fender... Maybe a better accessory would be some kind of smartwatch with this information on it.

  • @Jerre said in Speedometer:

    some kind of smartwatch with this information on it

    I run the OW app on my phone and my Wear OS watch. Has speed, max speed, battery percentage, distance, etc.

  • @AussieWheeler

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    So about speeeeed. I got couple apps on phone that use GPS to give mph or can use my Ionic by fitbit with couple different apps to choose.
    If Onewheel were to take my advice I would say to put a lock on app so does not jump around and all over app. It needs to hold screen to when looking at stats you don't have to pull it out of pocket and scramble to your stay screen. That could be dangerous mate.


  • sly where in Florida are you?

  • @SlyFoxxx maaaate, ya flamin’ drongo ;D Just bloody vote for a speedometer mate, it’s a fair dinkum way to have a quick glance at the speed you’re doing without those Apple Watch, Fitbit, fuddy duddy accessories.

    Or even an LED bar (like the pint battery bar) that changes colour to indicate a speed range (0-3 green, 4-7 orange, 8-100 red haha)

  • Vote for a speedo of some sort, even an audible warning beep/light flash that goes off when pushback is ignored (says operator who pushed through pushback last night for the first time.) Float on

  • @OneDan A Cheap Onewheel branded Smartwatch witch does just that would be kind of cool.

  • @Jerre You know, there was a watch app called OneWheelWear that did just that, connected to the board directly, rather than requiring a phone. It was great until FM changed the API and broke all of the 3rd party apps. The dev tried to fix it after the API was hacked, but I think he lost interest as the app no longer works like it did before.

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