Bearing replacement

  • I am coming up on my first tire replacement. And since you need to do a bit of disassembly, it has got me thinking about other things that I might do at the same time.
    After watching this video
    I have been thinking about bearings. But after looking up the price of the SKF bearings he recommended,
    I am not so sure it is worth it. Anybody have experience with alternate bearings? Or how to assess the condition of your bearings?

  • I ride with the Burris Ceramic Hybrid, and they have hold up great for longer than my stock bearings did. I think the general consensus is these are the right replacement bearings right now:

    It is a single item, you will need to purchase two.

    Road salt is not good for your bearings. If your current bearings are still OK and you live in an area which will see road salt used, you may want to wait until the snow has moved on for the year before changing your bearings. I was planning on doing a tire/bearing swap in March, but then I ran over a tack and decided to change the tire. The bearings will wait until March, unless something else comes up.

    If you hear knocking in your motor, change ASAP, because you are doing damage to your motor. No amount of possible road salt on your bearings is worth destroying your motor.

  • @Sponge315 i went with the skf bearings in the vid at my last tire change. Even purchased them direct from skf (not a reseller). Beware the fakes.

    The best seals is most important for me. If they keep more crap out then the bearings will last longer. Not saying ceramics are not good, but there best application is higher temperature and if crap gets in there then doesn't matter how good the balls are.

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