Custom foot pad sensors

  • I tend to ride a bit back with my heel hanging off just to get a bit more control using my toes. My feet are somewhat flat and my heel lift is accompanied by my left knee being pushed towards the front and the left side of my foot is engaged with both sensors. My heel is off the back sensor but the side of my foot is still engaged with the back sensor. I can consciously work around this issue by drawing my left knee inwards towards the center but it feels awkward.

    I think if I had a front foot pad sensor that had a dead zone in the middle to delineate the difference between the left and right side of the board a bit more aggressively I would be much more comfortable with doing a heel lift dismount. Anyone else think that this might be a good idea?

    This is an example what I feel what the foot pad sensors look like using an arbitrary foot pad online. Excuse the poor ms paint.

    And this is what I'd like for my foot pad sensors.

    Not very accurate drawings but just my thoughts.

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