Riding Pint in Winter

  • I haven't seen anything about this on the forums, and I wanted to make sure that the Pint is ok with cold temperatures. It's usually around 0-10 F where I live, does anyone know if it's ok to ride in those temps? My main concern is the battery, or maybe the plastic becoming brittle or breaking. Any help is appreciated!

  • It's an interesting topic because none of FM's manuals gives any specifics for the board itself. Only temperature ranges for the charger.

    I can foresee some lithium instability issues at 0-10F which is negatives in Celsius. The tire probably doesn't handle as well in those temperatures either due to the compound hardening. The motor should not have much of an issue due to it creating it's own heat. No idea on the temperature rating for the controller.

  • Had some experience with that lately.
    It is true that Lithium batteries have a narrow heat range that they work best in. But it seems that FM is ahead of the game there. I left my board out in the car overnight while visiting some cold weather relatives. When I attempted to turn the board on the app gave me a battery temp warning and shut down. Looking at the board settings in the app told me that the battery was in the low 30's. So I took it inside for a while. When i tried again later the board was good to go with the app reporting the battery in the low 40's.
    I have had this issue with lithium batteries in motorcycles as well, but there is a trick. A cold lithium battery will warm up as you draw current out of it. (which I'm sure you have felt in a heavily used cell phone) On my motorcycles you just turn on the key and lights, and wait for a little while and then the battery will warm up enough to turn the engine over.
    So if you can get it warm enough to start up, it should be fine riding in the cold, since the energy draw will keep it warm.
    Now keeping your face from freezing off, that is another story.

  • I thought about that too, until I saw that he mentioned 0-10 degree lol. There's quite a difference of 0-10 and 30-40.

  • @Aboelter Monitor motor and battery temp as described by @Sponge315 on the app in board settings. If they reach freezing temps they will not function. Usage does generate heat in the battery pack but more the controller than anything. If you are riding on cold surfaces the cold will transfer to the air pressure in the tire which effects the motor temp.

  • Let us know how the tire compound handles in the below freezing temps

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