• Well since FM is AWOL I guess it would be OK to post a link to a possible competitor.
    lacks the OW tight space maneuverability, but I do like the lean angles and higher speeds.

  • Yeah certainly bigger and faster. There would be some market overlap between the 2 boards. I prefer the OW though, based on what I currently use it for, and for what I could use it for. The Speedboard would be way too big for me, and just like you said - lacks the tighter maneuverability. It also looks like a mission to carry if your commute often required you to pick it up.
    Defs some competition in the realm of off-road adventures though.

  • Certainly interesting. I sold both of my Evolve Carbon All Terrain e-skateboards in favor of the Onewheel for two main reasons... first was the ability for tight maneuvering, second was simply the physical size of the product. This does appear to be a 2 wheel version of what Evolve has done when it comes to off roading electric skateboards, and it does look like it would be fun... but not anything I could see myself investing in.

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