User set speed warning in app

  • Please, please, please!!!

    The app already knows your speed. Simply add a user set speed “limit” where then a warning will sound. A Bluetooth earbud in one ear will allow the rider to hear it clearly! This is (or should be) almost too easy to do... man, if I wasn’t so lazy, I’d learn how to code! :-)

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  • Doh! Oh well. Tis the season. It's the thought that counts!

  • @jebes250 I've been asking for this on here since I nose dived on my OW+ at 21 mph over 2 years ago. Sometimes the pushback is either too subtle or too late and before you know it, BAM! My initial solution was an older, smaller phone attached to my forearm with a wrist mount. Now I have a smartwatch running the OW app connected to my phone so I can keep my speed at or below 16 mph. Haven't crashed since.

    That said, this is the ONE app feature I'd take over any other. Instead we get customizable shaping and leader board features, which are way more coding work than a simple limit and notification.

    But alas, @Future-Motion isn't listening here, or anywhere, apparently.

  • How solid are your speed updates? I’m having an issue with the app keeping an open connection with the board without reconnecting every 10 seconds.

  • @Ramphex I had the same issue with the XR until they admitted the bluetooth problem and fixed it under warranty, as they did with a lot of XRs. It seems so far that they have really pushed back on the Pint bluetooth issues, claiming it's not on FM's side . . . even though people's phones work fine with ALL other bluetooth devices.

    Until multiple people keep pressuring FM to fix the Pint, they won't. AFAIC, the bluetooth should stay connected as close to 100% of the time on the Pint, as it does with all other OWs.

  • Does the XR pair to your phone or is it seen on demand by the app?

  • @Ramphex On both my + and XR, the board connects directly to the app when I select the board in the app. They then stay connected until I press Disconnect in the app. Occasionally, maybe once every week or two, the app will drop the connection while riding. Sometimes it reconnects automatically and other times I have to restart the app, but overall, it stays connected 99% of the time.

    Pretty sure that's by design as I've never been able to connect the board's bluetooth directly to the phone, like with other bluetooth devices.

  • Impressive, definitely not the case on my Pint. I started a thread about it in the tech support forum.

  • @Ramphex Yeah, @Future-Motion isn't monitoring this forum, so it takes a bunch of people calling support and complaining to hopefully get them to fix it. I know @a_onekatie did just that and was told it's her phone (which we all know it's not). I don't recall if she contacted them again . . . perhaps she'll chime in here.

  • That's what she told me too. I have an iPhone 11 Pro and no issues with any other device. I believe they told her that the app was not designed to stay connected non-stop.

  • @Ramphex Which is a crock . . . there's a max speed notification that's supposed to let you know if you've gone faster than you've ever gone before, which is something you need to know RIGHT AWAY . . . how's that supposed to work if the board isn't connected? Not to mention the current speed and 50% battery notification . . . both of which work great if you have a smartwatch running the OW app and, of course, are useless without a connection.

    Anyway, not that I'm in the market for a Pint due to the range, but if I were, I'd tell them before I'd buy it that I'm sending it back if the bluetooth won't stay connected.

  • I do use the OW app on the watch and half of the time I don't get the 50% notification unless I have the phone unlocked with the app open and wait for it to "reconnect". Because of that behavior, I have to keep a mental note of the time I've been riding to check the app and update the battery %. The battery LEDs don't seem to make a lot of sense either half of the time either lol.

    I'm honestly not very upset about the speed warning, I think I've only got the push back like twice. I tend to keep my cruising unintentionally around 12mph so I really don't hit the 16mph limit.

  • @Ramphex I did have issues until I sent my XR back for repair under warranty. I am aware of the issues others are having that didn't or weren't able to have theirs repaired, AND being that FM might be suggesting that constant connectivity shouldn't be expected, my request (I'm the OP) is probably nothing more than a dream at this point.

    That being said...

    With a repaired board, the app (on my iPhone) stays connected and is reliable. I also have observed that the MPH updates closer to "real-time" in the OW app than the MPH in a GPS app, so as long as the bluetooth connection from XR/Pint to OW app is solid, the OW app is a better source for reporting speed.

    BTW, I don't know how long you've been riding and the terrain you tend to cover, but hit a smooth stretch of asphalt, and you'll be at or above 16mph in no time and not even realize it. All I want is a friendly, reliable, & timely reminder that I should back off BEFORE I'm into push-back territory.

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