For the Imperialists who like round numbers. 3,219km passed today

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    2,000 miles gets you to rank 447 on the XR Mileage Leaderboard.

    History of my 2,000 miles:

    New tire - Hoosier 6" slick
    New bearings (probably premature)
    New Griptape (TFL)
    New V3 Fl plates
    Front LED fail (fixed)
    1 x Nosedive (uphill slow)
    1 x crash into car (car pulled out of blind drive)

    Ready for the next 2,000! 😎🤙

  • @stinkyface I'm about 100 miles behind you on my XR! Congrats on your milestone. I just got my XR back from FM as it was doing low battery pushback at 59% and notified me that it needed juice. Of course, I was 2 miles from home, so had to use Uber to get it home. I'm actually glad I wasn't out on the river/forest paths where I normally ride, else I would've been lugging that 27lb brick for miles. Sent it in and they replaced the battery pack. Total cost, with shipping both ways, was almost $500, and I'm in CA.

    Anyway, just a note to watch out for the early low battery pushback. I'm sure it's luck of the draw as to when one of the cells is gonna fail. Just hoping this new set of batteries goes a bit longer than 1900 miles.

  • @stinkyface I like the history part on your 2000 milestone and where you rank. Let the good times roll! Follow up when you hit 3000.

  • That's an awesome goal, and I was just excited because I hit 100 miles on my Pint lol

  • Nice! Congrats,
    I would like to hear about how you feel about each of your "upgrades". Which were worth it and which were not.
    I have the Hoosier slick sitting on a shelf waiting its turn and am thinking about ordering some craft and ride bearings.

  • @Sponge315 In order of impact for me:

    1. Did the tire and bearings as part of the same teardown at about 1,500mi. The original vega still had life but i couldn't wait.

    The softer sidewall and rounder profile on the hoosier is a massive improvement. The softer rubber doesn't collect rocks like the harder vega. Really changed the character of how it turns but also rides road imperfections better. Just had to concentrate harder to balance when stopped.

    1. Bearings also were very clear improvement. The original were still smooth but didn't rotate as freely as fresh ones. I bought the SKF genuine from the local SKF retailer. Added some zip to the boards acceleration and range.

    2. A coarse grip tape adds confidence, cheap and easy upgrade. No hint of shoes slipping anymore.

    All the changes were worth it. I'm not sold on shaped footpads or flight fins, they seem to work for others but not convinced they would add to my riding style.

    I'm the guy that polished my wheel. Did that while i had the motor apart to do the bearings. Adds nothing to the ride, but its pretty unique and looks great after a clean.


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