Pint range 1500 miles in-battery life questions

  • Along with battery temp, you might check your cold tire pressure. My mileage drops quite a bit if I lower the pressure. If it is cold out your pressure will drop.

  • @McFloaty said in Pint range 1500 miles in-battery life questions:

    Paranoid now, good bit of blood involved.

    Saw that pic, yikes! Looks like my elbow when I nose dived at 21 mph! Most of my knuckles and both knees were also scraped up and I broke my left wrist guard . . would have been my wrist!

    I ride delirium always, not sure how that relates to skyline on the Pint, but it's basically sport mode, which is the only setting I use on my motorcycle as well, LOL.

  • @McFloaty
    Sweet mileage. I am a ways behind on the Pint. Will be over 300 today in Snoqualmie. My XR has most of my limited miles. Colder temps will drop range for sure. @ 40F I see about 20% reduction on the Pint from 8 miles to 6...

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    Colder temps will drop range for sure. @ 40F I see about 20% reduction on the Pint from 8 miles to 6...

    yeah, i am nervous about riding very far in cold temps. i rode my Pint about 2 miles the other day in about 35-40F temps, and i lost about 15% of my battery life doing it. in the summer, the percentage i'd drop would be closer to 5-7% for the same route.

  • Last winter when my range dropped with the cold temperatures I felt desperate. Range extension was my favorite research topic. Now I alternate between two range extension systems for my V1. This morning Soccasin Onewheeling on a snowy trail in 14 degree Fahrenheit weather I rode nine miles with battery to spare.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr How many miles do you get out of a Soccasin and what’s it like to ride on concrete or asphalt with it on? Keep logging in those miles and days on that V1. You’re killing it!

  • @HanahsDax the Badger Soccasin is for ice and snow. For close to 50 miles I have ridden it -- the traction is phenomenal. So far I have only ridden it on snow covered (and some a little icy) paved Rails-to-Trails with a few wind-swept patches here and there. Range through snow is one-third to one-half. Wear? After taking a spill today -- the Onewheel trying to climb over an unnoticed fist-sized chunk of ice on the trail while I was trying to get some video -- I notice one small separation in the fabric (the fall was actually fun, like falling off a sled going down a hill and sliding in the snow). The rest of the Soccasin fabric still looks like new. For convenience I have the Soccasin on a spare motor and change it with conditions. A tippiness of Vega on snow with a Soccasin feels a little like the tippiness of a Hoosier 5.5 on pavement -- to me, I love it.

  • Clearly out of my league here. Have a hard time getting a morning float in cause it’s in the 40’s... but dry, and beautiful; obviously forget how lucky just having weather to float in is. Still wanna understand more about battery replacements though- anybody done one to their plus or xr?

    Float on

  • @McFloaty I think @OneDan sent his XR in to FM for a battery swap and cost about $500 with shipping. If you can find a parts dealer, according to @stinkyface the battery pack is pretty much plug and play to replace.

  • @HanahsDax yeah u/WITZ_STA on reddit parts out new boards. Also a community of DIY guys who replace cells. I think there is a dedicated FB group for that. For people not in the USA. This can be a better option.

  • @HanahsDax @stinkyface Thanks for insight. Still getting a solid 7-8 miles under normal conditions, but nice to know future costs for happy floating.

    Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. All that good stuff.

    Float on.

  • @Ramphex too true. Checked tire pressure and 20lbs went to 16lbs with time and weather change. Softer ride, but affected mileage, and realized I kinda like feeling every bump in the road..TY

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