So yea,, my school is also banning OW,,,,

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    like,,, what?
    i guess I'm gonna sell mine soon????

  • That is so f@cked! I'm sorry but this is nuts... Total bullsh*t!!! Two wheeled Hover boards are likely just a fad anyway... Hopefully people will calm down as they begin to disappear over the next few years... The life span on those cheap things has got to be two years at most...

  • @MichaelW Actually, even those are being given a bad name by the cheap ones. There are a lot of well made "hoverboards," but people don't want to spend the money for those, they'd rather burn down their house and ruin everything for everyone else.

  • Few schools here in new Jersey too.. I do see the concern.. And unfortunately nobody will know the difference between Onewheel and these Chinese things.. it really is unsafe to keep them in a dorm..

  • I would fight it and prove onewheel is not in the same category. If they are ready to ban electric skateboards and bikes too then I'd say they would have a leg to stand on. But if they allow any electric skateboards or bikes then I think you can prove that onewheel is just as safe.

  • Had this same thing happen on my campus. I sent a long email to the dean explaining how expensive it is and my need to ride the board to work and along with the fact that the Onewheel is an electric skateboard, not a hoverboard. She eventually read up on the Onewheel and I am allowed to use it despite the ban.

  • Go ahead and forward this to your dean
    "I am writing to you regarding the recent ban of hoverboards on campus. This ban concerns me as I am an owner of the Onewheel electric skateboard. I mostly want to clarify exactly what is being banned. With that being said, I am a bit scared because I do not want the Onewheel to be caught in the storm with the failing Chinese hoverboards. To give you a little background information on the Onewheel, they are built, assembled, and distributed out of San Jose, California. They look and function nothing like the Chinese hoverboards that have been catching on fire (I attached a picture). I recently spent over $1500 on the board in order to get to an off campus job about 3 miles away (I don’t have access to a car). While it has a lithium battery as the cheap Chinese hoverboards do, there has not been a documented malfunction with these boards as they are unparalleled quality. They are much more expensive than the Chinese hoverboards because the materials and assembly is second to none. Because of this, they are designed and regulated, not allowing any safety hazards to come about.

    Regarding the email saying that all similar boards are banned, I really hope that the Onewheel does not get banned with them just because it is in the same industry as the knockoff Chinese hoverboards (which technically it’s not as the Onewheel is an electric skateboard, not a hoverboard). Because I invested over $1500 into the board, I am not sure what I would do if I could not use it to get to work. Lastly, my home is in New York so it is not as if I could just store it there. It is expensive to ship and I am not even sure if I am able to do that. With that being said, I take extreme care of the board and charge it with caution. As I previously mentioned, the Onewheel battery has not caught on fire as it is the ‘top-of-the-line’ board in the industry. I hope you consider what I have said and I really hope that I may continue to use the Onewheel."

  • People don't understand that hoverboards are less dangerous than bicycles, a bicycle can go faster and do more damage. Because of some batteries exploding people are freaking out. An age limit may be ok if you are a kid but once you are able to ride your bike to school or ride a scooter, one should have the right to move around in an hoverboard scooter.

  • @golfer17 I really appreciate the effort you put. I've already tried to reach out to the security office, but it wasn't as successful as your case :(

  • @didxogns1 Ahh sorry to hear that

  • If they ever ban OW on my school, someones going to have to rethink their decision

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