New Two-X Battery install on V1

  • I guess this isn't an uncommon review for this upgrade but I'm really impressed. Awesome no-brainer upgrade. Instructions and product is top notch. I really love my new Pint but my upgraded V1 is now a beast and its even better...A LOT. I have ridden XR's and as great as they are, I already had the V1 that has more than paid for itself. I don't get to ride as much as some people (1000s of miles) because of work and other stuff but it did give me more than 800 miles of smiles! This upgrade is the $hit! Thanks Two-X for making it easy for my wife to get this thing to me for Christmas. I loved the project. I've been drooling over this thing for along time. I never had any of those range anxiety issues some people talk about because I always paid attention to the machines limitations. The last thing I want is to ever have carry one of these thing very far . I like projects especially those involving electronics and robotics. I also added a real time DVM with a battery monitor. It was cheap and super easy to add. On one occasion the meter shows 84% and this was after about 6 miles! The meter seems to be tracking the Onewheel App voltage within 0.1VDC . I've used this meter on many or projects so far and has worked well. I love not having look at a phone any more to monitor my battery. Personally I don't care about any other data that much. I temporarily hot glued the meter to the fender and pad so it ain't that clean yet. It works good so far though, isn't in the way, and I can see it day or night.
    IMG_0862.JPG IMG_0855.JPG

  • @Enterusername Awesome upgrade! I, too, have been looking at this for my OW+ if/when the batteries go, but then I got the XR, so my + doesn't get as much use anymore. From the reviews I've read, the Two-X outperforms even the XR, so thanks for the confirmation on this upgrade!

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