Beep Notification

  • I think it'd be great if there was some type of beep that would let you know when the batter is low (it could be disabled if you didn't want it.).

  • I think most of us have pretty good range anxiety enough to plan on not running out of battery. Typically I check the app multiple times per ride especially if riding somewhere new.

    About a week ago I took my first beach ride. After several miles I looked at the app and noticed I was below 50%. I didn't have to be a mathematician to figure out I wasn't going to make it back since I left down the beach at 100%. Ended up with low battery pushback just short of our condo and walked the board back.

    low battery pushback is a must to stop the rider before battery runs out. I'm not sure how adding a beep would help.

  • I was in a rush today and just grabbed the OW thinking that I charged and didn't throw my iPad (argh no android app!) in my pack. Rode it half way around the seawall looking like a pro before I got pushback. Thinking it was my speed (was going pretty fast as it was smooth concrete ) so I slowed down a bit and found myself flying thru the air when the board nosedived. Luckily I landed in a way where I didn't get hurt.

    But because of my stupidity in not checking battery status ended up walking almost an hour with the board in hand / shoulder and it was a hugely tiring and uncomfortable workout.

    A beep instead of pushback would be easier to know for sure is battery not speed (the pushback wasnt as gradual as I experienced in the past).

  • Absolutely agree, add a "beep" for both battery and if you get too cockey with it 😃

  • @kdavid said:

    Absolutely agree, add a "beep" for both battery and if you get too cockey with it 😃

    While some kind of beep at the same time as emergency pushback wouldn't really be a downside, I'm pretty sure that the board currently lacks any hardware for that.

    I'm less sure about the "get too cockey with it" part however. Because, either it's too late, or it will beep continuously as you drive at maximum speed.
    Now I don't know about the solo-wheel, but the cheap version you can get here, orb-wheel, does have that. And It's insanely annoying.

  • I'd like to be able to set an audible warning in the app for any battery level. For instance if I get down to 55% I'd know to turn around if I don't have any way to charge the battery. Also it'd be nice to be warned at about 10% so you could get to charging before you get any pushback.

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