Don't order a Onewheel if you live in Sweden.

  • The Swedish department of health & safety "Arbetsmiljöverket" will not let any onewheel in to the county.
    Future Motion haven't bothered to get their products approved for the European market, so it could be a problem in other countries to.

    The Swedish authorities have bin in contact with the CEO of Future Motion about this problem, they should stop taking orders from Sweden.
    I only hope Future Motion will refund me for all my expenses, because this is their fault.

    Still going to buy a Onewheel, but this was disappointing and a complete failure by Future Motion.

  • @Marviken

    Hopefully @Future-Motion will make things right with you and also correct any approvals needed for import.

    Enjoy the OW when you get one..

  • Onewheel are ceriftified in three classes and it covers most of the world. Though in Europe the also have to have machine directiv certificate. Its not easy for OW to understand or know, a eskateboard dont need this for example. Aterra is working to get this fixed as soon as possible, we are waiting to get the papers we sent in to be confirmed. Don know how long time this take though. Also its sheaper to buy from a agent in your countre than to import, and you dont get all the trouble.

    Best regards Leif Aterra.

  • @Aterra I actually ordered a Pint last summer from surfbussen but because of delays they canceled the order and said comeback next summer.
    I wanted to buy a Christmas gift for my self and no one had them in stock.
    That was one of my worst decisions, hopefully Future Motion won't screw me over to much for their mistake.

    So you'll have boards to order to the summer?

  • @LidPhones thanks.. Hopefully my local dealer will have them in stock to the summer.

  • ....or if you want to play with it in the water ... or if can't pat your head while rubbing your tummy ...LOL
    You guys can come over here and play ! They don't blow up or anything...LOL

  • Uppdate
    Looks like Future Motion will refund me for all my Expenses.
    So hopefully I can buy one to the summer.

  • @Marviken Right on! That's great news! Yay!

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