Warranty issues, consider this before buying onewheel

  • I absolutely love onewheels. I have 3rd XR now. First 2 where broken in less than a year. 2nd one with no custom parts, no modifications. The company claims it is all weather device, however it is not. In ther adds they use it in wet conditions even in snow. It is not able to stand rainy conditions. First 2 of my XR broke because of waterdamage. And the warranty does not pay for this. So beware. They advertise it as all wheather device but it is not. And if it breaks they don't cover it. Here is a short video of my experience to warn others.

    I asked them to reconsider but I don't have high hopes. I am quite certain how this is going to end. I need to pay the crazy 300usd shipping and parts (total 952usd)... for only 6 months old onewheel.

    Video of my experience:
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  • I personally couldn't imagine using a $1,000 (Pint) or $2000 (XR) electronic device in any conditions other than dry weather, simply due to the nature of them being electronic devices (even if said to be waterproof). That said, it is strange that they advertise them as being able to be ridden in water but won't warranty against water damage.

    I dunno, I think I will always just play it safe and only take it out of the house when it's completely dry out.

    I hope they take care of you, and this topic is a good heads up for everyone considering riding in wet conditions.

  • The complaint is valid though. Many of the commercials and a lot of the promotional materials show Onewheels being ridden on the beach and on muddy trails. It is being advertised as a rugged outdoor device that can be ridden in wet conditions.

    It would be like a watchmaker showing their watch on a model sitting in a swimming pool, and then not doing warranty claims when someone swims with it on. And then when people blow up the forum for the watch with complaints, the watchmaker still shows its models with the watch on in pools. Its not uncommon for watches to be waterproof. It's also not uncommon for rideables (scooters, E-bikes, ESK8) to be weatherproof.

    To the OP, its pretty easy to mix and match these boards. If you have three that don't function you can probably pull the part from one of your other boards that has a different something broken. There is a pretty robust parts market for these since Future Motion doesn't sell parts for DIY repairs or wear and tear. You can probably part them out and recover some money or raise the funds to get the part to repair your best one that doesn't work.

  • Same thing can be said about how they promote the board's bluetooth interaction with the App & Apple Watch. Flat out, it's false advertising.

  • @a_onekatie at the risk of piling on, but in the interest of improvement, I would add this warning about internal dirt build up. Recently pulled float plates off my pint for better curb clearance, and as usual couldn’t line up screw(s) on way back in, so ended up pulling it further apart, and found...photo below...similar shit show up front too, with dirt having built up in the threaded collars.

    Perhaps I didn’t re-seat everything well when adding float plates, but was amazed at the amount of dirt/sand built up inside the board.


  • @McFloaty You do know you're not supposed to use your Pint for digging holes, right???

  • Well. They will make me pay 950 usd for repairs. Also yhey refuse to sell spare battery which i find very unfair and wrong. I have 2nd onewheel that only has brpken battery. Shipping is 300 usd and they refuse to send 2 batteries

  • @McFloaty

    I have to check my pint now. I bought a float plate the other day and when I was removing the screws from the bottom, it was very grainy feeling on the threads as if a lot of dirt had gotten on the inside. I was amazed because that was the first time I ever loosened the screw and thought it was weird there would be dirt under it. About how often would you say you ride yours on dirt paths or trails ?

  • No hot coffee for this guy

  • @McFloaty LOL

    This is exactly why one of the steps in my Sunday night maintenance routine is a trip to the air compressor for a blow out. Foxtails are a real bane to my existence!

  • @haare

    I read your post and can confirm with you that you are absolutely correct and they are very wrong and don’t care . I was as shocked as you. (That’s regarding OW and wet weather. There is no reason they cannot seal with a few and quick added steps in production process. Absolutely unacceptable considering what you and I are paying.
    Here is my predicament which probably had more of a chance of a lawsuit considering I was injured as a result of them playing the waiting game with me on a faulty foot pad sensor.
    I sent this today to another user about what happened. I invite you to read: (also keep me in mind if you ever seek representation. It’s hard for them to argue in court that it is water resistant at least with them clearly advertising that they would be fine around the “BIG SALTY OCEAN” but you can’t be in sudden downpour of the time and rain that typically happens since these are NOT toys but moving vehicles by most standards)

    READ BELOW (sorry if one or two errors. I was writing fast and upset)

    Don’t expect if/when you do get through to them for help or if its obviously their fault to admit it. If your lucky and they do admit it is a problem not caused by you (like with me) that they don’t talk you out of your warranty. (Keeping you going back and forth so long that you are out of your legal warranty by the time they decide to do anything Yup!, “that happened” I had a front sensor go bad. Bought board with 15 miles on it. Ran great out of the gate. Just over 300 miles started given me issues. Mainly app warnings saying “riding with foot not contacting pads while riding at 12.5mph” (for example.) After some phone work and speaking with a “Sean” ( he actually seemed nice ) and he told me after looking up my board and coming back to phone “ Yes , so I looked up your warranty Mr Bloom and good news is “you are still under warranty” and it sounds like from what your saying and discussing that it’s a bad foot pad sensor so we will be sending you another one Also could I send them a video since it would be easier way to show them problem and avoid me having to send in whole board. Sure I said, and did just that. After I sent them not one but “two” videos on two different days with the second one I felt was much more clear to show problem. It shows board still going even after lift my foot off!
    So I wait, then wait some more, than after few weeks I’m beginning to think I was lied to, obviously. What’s going on? This is a safety issues after all. I inquire why it’s taking so long? After all I took personal time as asked to recreate issue and send them as soon as a few days from their request. Well.., I get a response, but it’s not from my email but from this chat board. (What?!) Ok, that’s strange and somewhat unprofessional for a big company to not know about responding only through email or at least to not move from an already successfully established mode of communicating.
    So anyway, Seems “Sean” my “go to” guy (first person I spoke to) was wrong. ( He said he would be handling me from now on) I said ok great! 👍 ...then never heard from him again.
    Now guy named Cole said he would be handling case. I got bad vibe or feeling about “Cole” my replacement rep for Sean. I mentioned to please from now on to please reply to my email to avoid confusion and errors.
    As I’m waiting for replacement pads from Sean still with my videos sent to him I ask how much longer and if I should be concerned with safety because I need the transportation. No sir the board would either work or it won’t but let us get you the footpad soon and it should solve the issue. (Note here : That answer did not come from Cole even though he is supposed to be handling me remember?) Nope someone I just reached on a call to to find out during my waiting period.
    While being patient and waiting longer with FM as they openly admit to being very understaffed I had an accident because the board suddenly stopped on a ride and threw me off it while doing less than 15 but but no lower than 10 . (I average about 13)
    The board shut down suddenly on me in front of a dozen witnesses. I was more embarrassed and had not realized what I did to my clavicle. I quickly got back up and continued riding until I started feeling faint or light headed. I just thought that was odd and I was probably dehydrated. I felt a little discomfort on my right side shoulder but I guess later the doctor explained to me that often when the pain is so severe that’s how the body reacts. Who knew? Anyway, I walked into a Walgreens drug store still not knowing the damage and trying to walk-off the pain I figured I would just get a Gatorade drink and sit down in the pharmacy for a few minutes to feel better the I’d go.
    I go to get up and almost fall over dizzy. Trust me I’m in very good shape and very athletic so this is all new to me and strange. So as I’m now close to the ground and waiting a sec to not feel dizzy and to get back up I realize I can’t! I feel eyes of people all over me and still very dizzy. I tell the pharmacist what I never thought I’d have to say ever before, to call an ambulance. They get there and I’m rushed to the hospital turns out it was my clavicle just like in the many OW videos warning that this is the number one injury to OW riders. Many people break their clavicle. My damage was that and tendons up my neck and down to bottom right shoulder blade. The healing was so painful like the accident kept happening in my body rather then when you hurt yourself and typically every day feel better and better. For me I didn’t start to “feel” ANY healing until after almost two weeks in bed. And drinking through a straw because my head would be in excruciating pain if had to tilt back to drink. I had to sip a drink then tilt back slightly then slowly swallow the water.
    I later mentioned that I fell and went to hospital to Future Motion. ( Still NO PAD!!?? and I’m lying here as a result of their negligence! or Laziness ) That it all could have been avoided had they not stalled on my pads even after me telling them I didn’t feel safe. Also, not once did they ask me how I was or if I was ok? I told them I was more than willing to send them the Hospital records and also I have a dozen construction workers names who witnessed all.
    All the makings of a major lawsuit if I wanted to but no I just wanted my damn pads already and to heal.

    After all that and for a long time thinking that this is the coolest company with the coolest product and people I not only get treated like dirt but “Cole” says, we can’t do anything about it now because it seems you are out of your warranty now. (Whaaat!!??)
    After all the hype. After getting so skilled at riding my board everyday. After talking to friends and family to get one for themselves. After literally selling many many boards for FM through public demonstrations, lessons given (for safety no less) and talking it up for god knows how many hours since early last year even before purchasing my board. It all was for not and to the biggest ingrate Kyle dorkensen and his company Future Motion. I’m talking about a substantial dollar figure here in yes voluntary labor and lessons but to not be acknowledged or appreciated and on top slapped in the face?? That this is how I’m treated?? Horrifying is when a man faces the reality that there will be people in life that you fully trust for your wellbeing and learn it’s just a mask to give illusion of care. It’s a truly sad wake up experience I hope doesn’t ever happen again in my future. It hurt more because I held the company perhaps too high on that pedestal.
    So, Ladies and Gentlemen if I may have your attention may I introduce you to the company that brought you Onewheel “Futuremotion”.

  • This is why you should ALWAYS read the manual:

    From both the pint and XR manuals:

    Avoid streets and surfaces with water, sand, gravel,
    dirt, leaves, and other debris. Wet weather impairs
    traction, braking and visibility.

    And then just a little bit later in both manuals:

    Water damage is not covered under warranty

    Right in the manuals -- and to me this says: Don't ride in wet conditions regardless of what you see in video's.

  • @SlyFoxxx With their disclaimers about how riding the board can result in injury or death, they think they have situations like yours covered legally. I wish you the best on trying to get justice as it could be ANY of us in your situation.

    For me, an occasional "your foot was off the pad for x seconds at x mph" message is ok, but if I see that multiple times on a ride and/or it happens on every ride, I just stop riding it until I can figure it out, else I call them. Granted my board is fully out of warranty and I don't use the board to commute, so it's easier for me to stay off. Just not worth it as I know first hand how painful a crash can be, no matter what speed you're going.

    The lousy customer service and telling you that you're out of warranty after you reported the issue while it was in warranty is ridiculous. @Future-Motion needs to grow up or they will never become a more successful company. While they used to participate in this forum (and no longer do AT ALL), they would be wise to keep an eye out here (and on FB) as stories like yours (and there are quite a few) are detrimental to their future.

    I hope you heal up and let us know if FM gets their act together for you.

  • @a_onekatie


  • @haare

    Hmmm.... Check back with me next month.

    I’m working with a student at an “unnamed college” in Chicago. They just developed a battery that blows any battery you’ve seen out of the water. Passed its 500 hr testing recently. I’m hoping it’s still in size of 18650.
    You probably won’t have to charge except every couple “weeks”. (If that often)🤗 I then have a company in limbo waiting to hear from me to package them for easy install and to make sure voltage etc... is 100% compatible. FM will wet their pants over this. 🤫((shhh))😉

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