PRICE REDUCED $650: OneWheel+ with Wave Stand, Handle, Fender & original goodies

  • $650 $800 in Los Angeles

    This board is super solid, unmodified and includes a Carbon-reinforced handle (bought from this forum), OW Wave Stand, OW Fender and everything in the original box. There is zero damage, only the regular wear & tear from street riding highlighted in these photos. Since I was part of the founder series for a XR, currently riding between 2 XRs, this board has not got a ton of use. I would love for this board to find home with a fellow enthusiast; otherwise, it's going to eBay.

    Would prefer local pickup, able to ship anywhere...


    IMG_3403.png IMG_3402.png IMG_3400.png IMG_3401.png

  • For any nearby interest: welcome to meetup if you'd like to take this board for a spin.

  • Price reduced to $650 = insanely great deal, cheaper than some of the v1 boards posted here!

  • Assuming this has already been sold? If it’s still available, how many miles are on it? Thanks!

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