Is it ok to use the Pint ultracharger all the time?

  • Hi! I have a Pint with the home charger and the ultracharger. I want to leave the ultracharger at home and take the home charger with me to work, where I can top up the board for the ride home.

    Is it safe to use the hypercharger as the way to charge each night?

  • @dajw
    In general for the OW battery technology (and other similar tech) it is best for the battery to have less stress over the life cycle. So if you charge often at higher amp rates that will reduce life. Both chargers top off in a similar rate above 90% . I use the XR charger with a Pint adapter while out and about then use Pint charger overnight and as my primary method 95% of the time I charge up the Pint

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