Random thought: Stomp Pad?

  • i know that people have had some issues with the footpad sensors on their various OW models, and some have put various things like felt furniture dots on their pads which seems to help. as i was on the slopes this weekend it occurred to me that maybe a traditional snowboard stomp pad might also accomplish this, too -- what do you all think? could cutting a lower-profile stomp pad in half and putting in on each side of your sensors accomplish this while also giving you something that looks good? or do you think most stomp pads are too rough/tall/high profile for long-term comfort while riding?

  • @Franko my neighbor has a stomp pad he cut in half and put on his back footpad (parallel with his rails) for added traction. I think he tried it on his front but it “ghosted” on him so beware.

  • @HanahsDax oh, thanks for the input. i was just speculating. not sure i'm actually going to try it. there are different heights/types of pads, so i thought it might be worth exploring.

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