Helmet recs; what’s everyone rocking?

  • I just upgraded to a Thousand helmet and I like it so much I started thinking about sharing and wondered what brands others in the community are using?

    The thousand helmet is really paired back, no bells or whistles, just really well thought out design. I have a small head and helmets tend to feel overly bulky but this one is light while still fitting tight and gives me much better agility than I was previously used to. I always ride with sunglasses during the day but still struggle with glare and the little visor on this helmet is perfect for combatting that. It also takes up very little room if I don’t want to wear it while commuting on a crowded train.

  • @a_onekatie i've been drooling over a Thousand helmet for months now. i will get one! until then, i'm using older helmets i have. i'm also watching the OW reddit sub with people doing amazing things with reflective tape on their helmets. i'm plotting and planning!

  • Rocking a Red brand snowboard helmet Most and even have a Bell if needed, LOL. For the Cold months I use Ruroc.

  • Thanks for the link. Very nice helmet.

  • After getting a small concussion snowboarding without a helmet, I did some research and decided only a helmet with MIPS would do, as they have a BPS (Brain Protection System), which sounds funny, but is serious, LOL. Anyway, I decided on this Gyro helmet and I remove the ear warmers for OWing.

  • @OneDan
    Good share. I might go this way for warmer weather. I like the safety of Ruroc system. Appreciate the link.

  • I got a Bern skate and snow helmet. Love it!

  • Triple 8 MIPS.

    Those Thousand helmets are really nice looking. The only things that would concern me from a safety perspective are A.) bike helmets usually don't cover quite as much of the back of the skull as skate helmets do, since cyclists almost always fall forward, and B.) hard visors worry me, a little, for the same reason hard mounts for lights or cameras do - once your head hits the ground, you don't want anything to catch and wrench your head & neck around. The closer the helmet is to "round", the better off you may be, depending on how you hit.

    None of that's meant to be safety police. Any helmet is better than no helmet, and there are so many variables in any wreck that it's hard to really say which helmet is "best". Picking one on style points isn't really a problem, especially if that style means you'll wear it instead of leaving it home.

  • So I use this, a protective beanie...


    It's NOT a helmet, and they make that very clear on the website and the warning inside the beanie, but while it's not as good as a helmet, it's better than nothing at all.

    I ride slow speeds, cruising by the beach on flat concrete. I dont do any tricks or go on any unpaved terrain. I'm not a fan of traditional helmets and I found myself wanting to wear nothing. When I found this, I decided to give it a try. Definitely not a helmet, but it does add some level of protection in the event my head contacts the pavement. Its snug for my head, as I would be a large most likely in a hat (I'm 6 foot 5, and my head isnt huge but it isnt small either). Its not the most comfortable thing, but it isnt too bad, and I love the concept. The one I went with was the thrashe hat.

    I also have a bern, but I hate how bulky it is. It looks so giant, even though it fits snug. I shouldn't care how dorky it looks, but I like being somewhat more discreet when it comes to helmets. I'm 41, and I dont care what anyone thinks of how "cool" I look, but I'm not a fan of bulky helmets. I might wanna try a thousand.

    Anyways, check out the link... its certainly an interesting avenue.

  • Awesome info here everyone! Thanks for sharing, lots to think about! @SixFootFiveGuy that beanie was quite the find!

  • Sport a triple eight skate helmet with a blinky light on back. 423A6B3C-E11C-4D9B-9C51-8E2EDF26511E.jpeg

  • Love the look of the thousand tho

  • @a_onekatie

    I use this full face one by 661:


    Mine came with a MIPS sticker on it, so I assume it's rated.

    It's lightweight and cool in the summer. I've used it for ~600 miles so far, very happy with it.

    Unlike the photo, the color of mine is black and dark forest green.


  • @Kielanders lol hard core! I’ve considered using my dirt bike helmet at home, but always figured it would make me top heavy and throw off my balance, lol!

    Okay so I just came across this company this morning that makes illuminated helmets:

    Pretty cool that you can actually program your turn signals!!!!

    However I do want to point out, I was just browsing since these are pretty pricey but I noticed they only offer one size M/L!!!! 😡 The lack of inclusivity in these sports is really starting to frustrate me these days.

  • @a_onekatie Jimmy Chang reviewed another similar item awhile back. he actually was impressed with it:


  • @a_onekatie said in Helmet recs; what’s everyone rocking?:

    However I do want to point out, I was just browsing since these are pretty pricey but I noticed they only offer one size M/L!!!!

    These look pretty cool, I really don't like riding in my area at night as it seems the cars never see me! As for price, they have Valentine's day specials: 15% off for one and 30% off if you buy two. Also, as for the single size, they have a 30 day, no questions asked, return policy. For an additional price, you can get a MIPS version of any of their helmets, which is great for me as I won't buy a non-MIPS helmet.

    Seriously considering pulling the trigger. :)

  • @Franko just watched that video! Looks pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

  • Im using these two helmets depending on where I ride. If Im offroading I use 661 and when on road I use Poc Trabec Race. 8BED88D1-5A45-497C-BA64-80353C4F91BE.jpeg

  • @a_onekatie

    Mine is actually a mountain bike helmet, so it's quite a bit lighter than a motocross helmet.

  • @Kielanders ahhh that makes sense

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