Riding Onewheel in Rain and Puddles

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    I just thought I'd post my experience with riding the Onewheel in rain and even heavy rain and shallow puddles for short distances.
    I live in Greater Victoria, BC, area on Vancouver Island. Sometimes hot and dry here, and sometimes wet and rainy. Currently wet and rainy! I ride the XR on wet roads, in the rain, hit the occasional puddle, wet gravel driveway with pot holes, etc. Maybe foolish for something so expensive and not claiming to be waterproof, but the Onewheel has basically become an extension of my body and walking is like torture now, so whatever, I use it all the time every day. But, I won't voluntarily go for a long cruise in the rain. I do run my dog in light rain/wet roads with it.
    Anyways, no issues with it. This is actually my second XR in 1 year, which is a long story, but I sold the first one to someone as a sweet deal because I'm awesome. But that first one did have the grip lifting a bit where the fender meets the grip. It seemed more that the fender maybe had a bit of expansion/contraction and was pushing the grip out It kind of lifted a bit but didn't seem to be getting any worse and there was never a problem. This new XR, I've ridden in way more rain and puddles and the grip isn't lifting at all.
    Anyways, use in rain at your own risk. But my experience is no problem. I recommend avoiding beaches, as I think the salt, sand, water combo is a dangerous combo. And if you bail, which you might because you might hit a soft patch of sand where the wheel tracks and throws you off balance, the Onewheel rolling could then help water get through areas it normally wouldn't when upright.
    Anyways, good luck! Onewheel is so awesome! Best toy ever and so much fun to bomb around. 30km/hr max is probably responsible and appropriate for a top speed and 25km/hr is a fast cruising speed, and about the same speed as my yellow lab full-out runs, though he can probably sprint 30+. Walking the dog, getting around work (farm property), scooter with the kids, exploring areas or just going for a joy ride, the best part for me is going through trails dodging roots and rocks and hitting corners, where 15km/hr feels like you're ripping through, is the best part.
    Love it, worth every penny!

  • @AJSpencer In all conditions --rain, puddles, all kinds of snow, sleet, ice, and cold -- I ride my V1 in Northeast Ohio. It has been Badger waterproofed, and then again after a year. Onewheels are indeed awesome!

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