Tic-Tac on a Onewheel

  • Today I was riding on a flat surface with no noticeable decline, carving to the beat of my music and I got the "BZZZZZZT BZZZZZT BZZZT" of the 100% overcharge warning. I checked the App and, sure enough, I was at 100% but after another moment it went down to 99%.

    Then I started to wonder if you can propel a onewheel with weight transfer and carving. Like can you generate some regen on a flat surface the way we used to tic-tac a regular skateboard back in the Steve Caballero-on-slime balls days.

    I know some of you have taken a onewheel to a pump track. did you get some regen there?

  • An interesting question. As a long time "Tic-Tac" skater I'm sure that you aren't getting any thrust that way, but, would putting a twisting torque on the tire create any forward motion? ah-la ripstick. I wouldn't think so. But who knows.
    I propose a test. Turn the OW off and find some sort of playground bar to hold for balance. Monkey bars, rings maybe, and try to mimic your carving motion. See if you can produce any forward motion. No cheating now, balance only with your arms.
    And video would be funny, I mean informative. :-)

  • @Motoproponent super interesting. As a (very) old school skater who tic-tacks as good as your average bear I have considered this too, but would guess at low speed it’s tough discern. Think the flow of carving (with the tic-tac weight transfer) at 8-10 mph or better does help. I go further on carvey, smooth roads. I (think) I feel the motor load releasing when finish an arc, so maybe you’re onto something. Float

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