Hot or Cold - Your battery temperature is out of its safety range

  • Hi All. I have been getting the "Hot or Cold" warning on my app recently and the board then reduces speed to a few miles an hour with heavy push back. The last few times this has happened, the exterior temperature has been around 45-55 degrees F. The last time, i looked at the diagnostics and they showed Battery temp: 57.2° // Controller Temp: 66.2° // and Motor Temp: 53.6°. Ambient temp was around 52-54°.

    Is this normal behavior for the board/battery? Sure seems like a modest temperature to start acting up and showing a Cold Warning and shutting down. I store and charge the board in a room that is generally 60-70°.

    I appreciate any thoughts.


  • Seems like an issue with the BMS. Reach out to @Future-Motion via a phone call or email to get them involved. How old is the OW? I ride in 30 F (or below) up to 100 F (ish) and no issues...

  • Thanks. What is BMS?

  • @KURTISBLO Battery Management System.

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