Clean one wheel

  • What’s the best way to keep your onewheel bearings clean im about to get my board Back and I really adamant about keeping it clean so my bearings don’t bust again

  • The bearings are not serviced. Basically they are greased for life and oil or sprays will remove the grease and fail them sooner.

    The design of the OW relies in the bearing seal only, which is probably the bare minimum they can do. The badger kit adds an additional external seal, which is good. Its another layer of protection. However all seals have a clearance (gap) which allows contaminants into the bearing. If there is no clearance then you get friction and that will evemtually create a clearance or wear.

    The whole point is to keep contaminants (dust and liquids) out of the bearing and let the original bearing grease lubricant do its job. Any improvement like the badger seal or other designs out there will help, as will avoiding exposing the bearing to dirty environments (but where's the fun in that!).

    Sorry if that's a but preachy. Not intended to be that way.

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