Uneven tread wear, and new D10A Hoosier

  • I don't feel like I favor one way of turning over another but obviously I do something.
    tread at 1400 2m.jpg
    I'm not disappointed really since the Vega gave me 1400 miles before the belts started to show. But it does make me wonder if it would be worth the effort of rotating the tire to even out the wear a little.
    Alternately, Is there a problem with riding the board backwards (sensors side in back) half the time?

  • Any way we are going to give the super soft Hoosier D10A a spin for the next little while.
    new tyre 2m.jpg
    Little bit smaller gives it more acceleration, and quite a bit "carve-ier".

  • @Sponge315 I’ve had more front side wear on my tire but I think it’s from 180 pivots more than “harder” toe side carving. Rotating would’ve definitely helped wear distribution. Good thinking!

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