Pint tire change, who’s done it?

  • Okay so I really have my eye on the Hozier treaded tire for my pint, but I have to admit I am SUPER intimidated to take on this mod!

    Specifically, the part wherein I would attempt to remove the old tire without a bead breaker and not do any damage to my rim. I watched a ton of youtube videos yesterday, and feel like a have a good grasp on what needs to be done, except for this specific step.

    So I am wondering if anyone around here who’s done this mod already would mind letting me know how it went for you? Thanks!

  • @a_onekatie I haven't done the Pint, but I have swapped tires on both my + and my XR for treaded tires. The way I broke the beads was to support the tire/wheel flat on 2 boards on the ground, then I used a 2-3 foot 2x4 to push down on the tire next to the rim to break the bead. I have to say it wasn't "easy" and did require quite a bit of strength. To me, at least the first time, getting the tire off of the rim was even harder. Although, the first time I missed the part about how the rim has a groove inside and you need to get the bead of the tire into that groove to make it easier to loosen it on the other side. The second time, I was aware of that and it was easier to do, but still a challenge. My first tire change took almost 2.5 hours with a lot of sweat and frustration (I even tried to cut it off!). The second time was about half an hour, so I must have learned something! Good luck!

  • @OneDan great notes ty!!!! Jeff McCosker refers to the “2 x 4 method” in his pint specific video but does not elaborate.

    Definitely have noted where that channel is on the pint rim. I think I just may be able to tackle this. Or worst case, I was thinking I could strip everything else away and just bring the old tire/rim into a bike shop for assistance with the removal.

  • @a_onekatie i'm eyeballing those tires, too, so i'm very interested in your tire-change journey 😎👍

  • Anything that uses leverage will break the bead. The 2x4 approach some use can involve jumping on it, so an impact load. Will work but a bit uncontrolled.

    I used my drill press (turned off) so the drill chuck goes down onto the tire slowly. Really easy to control.

    Another method I've seen used a car jack, with the jack sitting on the tire near the bead, under the tow ball of a car. As you wind the jack the weight of the car pushes down to break the bead.

    In all cases, have a nice soft piece of timber between the wheel and anything metal. Don't want any extra scars.

  • I just did my XR and it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Much easier than a variety of motorcycle tires I've done.
    Couple of tips:
    -Take the schrader valve completely out of the stem. No need to fight any pressure. If you haven't got that tool, slime bottles usually come with a plastic one.
    -Lock your arms and get your weight behind it. Mine popped off pretty easy. For stubborn tires get creative with levers. I have used cars and found stuff quite a bit. Slide tire under, or close to car, stack wood blocks (or whatever you can find) on tire close to rim. then a long pole (shovel or what ever you can find) to put under car and on top of blocks.
    -I did mine on top of a couple of old folded beach towels to protect the rim and catch the mess from the slime inside. (gross, you will want paper towels)
    -Getting the tire off the rim was a little harder than it looked in the videos. Since I was using metal bicycle tire tools I cut up some plastic sour cream container lids to put between the tools and the rim. OW's end up looking rough enough on their own, no need to make it worse.

  • Alright I bit the bullet and placed my order last night. I also put a whole toolkit together on Amazon including the (nylon) bike lever, bull snot tire lube, valve stem remover and replacement valves. Getting excited to take this on now, I’ll try to doc the process and keep everyone posted on how it goes!

  • This video shows one take on the 2 x 4 method at about 5:50 in if anyone is interested:

  • @a_onekatie I used the 2x4 vertically and pushed down with my arms. Seems like it worked that way for him, but I'd be afraid of either cracking the board or my wheel going flying! LOL

  • @OneDan said in Pint tire change, who’s done it?:

    @a_onekatie I used the 2x4 vertically and pushed down with my arms.

    G2K, that’s definitely more in line with what I was envisioning.

  • Done and done ✅🙌🏻

    Will post pics shortly. Those dang side rail screws were THE WORST part! We used a clamp/bracket to break the bead, no sweat. Windy feels completely different already!

  • @a_onekatie you'll love the treaded tire, so much more grip, never worry about a little water or mud . . . and they last forever, I have over 2000 miles on mine and you can hardly tell!

  • breaking that bead

    work station
    pre frender
    finished product!

  • @a_onekatie That looks SO awesome!

  • @OneDan said in Pint tire change, who’s done it?:

    @a_onekatie That looks SO awesome!

    Thanks Dan!

  • @a_onekatie that tire looks fantastic. i want one.

  • @Franko said in Pint tire change, who’s done it?:

    @a_onekatie that tire looks fantastic. i want one.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, OWs should ship with treaded tires.

  • OMG I’m losing my mind rn!!!! 😂🤣 I totally thought all these tires were omnidirectional but I’ve just realized they were all swapping out non treaded tires in the vids I watch, and now I think I’ve installed my treaded one backwards! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • @a_onekatie That's it, I guess you have to ride switch until the tire wears out! Just looked at my Burris and the treads angle all the way across, so it wouldn't be different either way. Looking at your Hoosier, there does seem to be a difference in that the treads on each side angle opposite to meet like an arrow head, making me think there might be a "right" way. Seriously though, I doubt you'll even notice, LOL

  • @a_onekatie omg, it never occurred to me that would be a thing to worry about! at least you've done it once so you know how to do it again... right? GRIN

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