Pint tire change, who’s done it?

  • @a_onekatie That's it, I guess you have to ride switch until the tire wears out! Just looked at my Burris and the treads angle all the way across, so it wouldn't be different either way. Looking at your Hoosier, there does seem to be a difference in that the treads on each side angle opposite to meet like an arrow head, making me think there might be a "right" way. Seriously though, I doubt you'll even notice, LOL

  • @a_onekatie omg, it never occurred to me that would be a thing to worry about! at least you've done it once so you know how to do it again... right? GRIN

  • FYI, the Hoosier I put on my + back in Nov 2018 . . . note the omni-directional treads, much different than the ones on @a_onekatie's Pint Hoosier.

    OW+ Hoosier.jpg

  • @OneDan @a_onekatie even slicks have a rotation direction arrow. Don't think the stresses we put on these tyres makes any difference. Go karts wear out a tyre in a weekend of racing.

    You'll be fine. Enjoy the ride

  • @stinkyface @OneDan thanks a ton for the quick feedback guys!!!!!!

    Yes it’s the rotation direction arrow on the sidewall that I only noticed last night that gave it away 🤣 However I did put 3 miles on the tire Sunday without any real issue. Pavement felt super sticky, but I figured that was normal for this tire.

    Anyway you’ve saved me the embarrassment of writing to C&R about this now! I’m not going to sweat it I guess and maybe just leave it for a bit until I feel like doing a “rotation” lol.

  • @a_onekatie i was just thinking, since you can ride a OW in both directions (if you're good at riding fakey), does it really matter? maybe you're ok.

  • @Franko lol that was sorta my first thought as well. Except I am terrible at riding fakey and rarely ever do it!

  • @a_onekatie i am too -- i can snowboard fakey a bit, but the Pint is a whole different beast. but i'm vowing to learn!

  • @Franko I vowed to learn, spent a couple of hours over several weeks and it just isn't happening, LOL. I can back up a couple of feet which will get me out of most situations, but actually riding like that isn't something my brain/foot muscles can handle!

  • @OneDan that sounds pretty much exactly about my skill level on a snowboard, haha, so if i can manage it on the OW i'll be happy. i can go fakey to get me out of sticky situations on the slopes or in trees, but that's about it. extended distances? omg no way. it's like learning all over again, and i don't relish the thought of THAT.

  • Just some more follow up in case anyone else is curious, I went ahead and wrote to C&R this morning and Nick replied back to me within like 15 minutes:

    Your Hoosier treaded for the Pint is directional. The Hoosier treaded for the XR is bidirectional.

    But, the good news is that it won't affect your ride. For example, it would come into play when there is water on the road because the tire is directionally designed to push water to the sides of your ride. With the tire installed how you have it, it wouldn't be functioning as designed. But, it won't affect your ride and you are totally fine if you don't want to reinstall it.

    Interesting to note that’s what the tread direction is for. So I guess the way this non-existent Cali winter has been going I’m probably good at least until next year.

  • @a_onekatie said in Pint tire change, who’s done it?:

    For example, it would come into play when there is water on the road because the tire is directionally designed to push water to the sides of your ride.

    yeah, that makes total sense. while i hope CA (and NV by extension) gets a proper Miracle March series of winter storms, so we get some water, in the meantime you can at least ride with some peace of mind. : )

  • @a_onekatie just switched the og pint tire to a Hoosier treaded from craft and ride. Pint oem tire had almost 2400 miles, and can’t speak objectively cause pint was my first ow (so first and only tire) but in a word, WOW. Seems rounder, smoother, carvier... an upgrade in every way.

    Tire change not for feint of heart, and some muscle (but mostly technique and perseverance) is required.

    Old tire below

    New tire installed

    Both fun, but I’d pick the hoosier over oem.

  • @a_onekatie PS- Craft and Ride rocks. TY Nick.

  • @a_onekatie first, your board looks awesome, including the tire. I should prob read threads before I post... second, saw in the pic of your board a small bulge of fender to rail attachment near handle. I screwed this up months ago myself, and again tonight with tire switch. Loosen up all fender screws and pop it over mag handle to eliminate bulge there. Happy floating.

  • Mileage downgrade with Hoosier treaded over oem. Noticed 25-30% less mileage with this new tire so far, though only a few miles in. It’s a WAY better ride, but comes at a cost in range (feels heavier too when carrying.) It’s a trade I’m willing to make, but everyone’s different- worth knowing if you’re considering a tire switch.

    Great service (as alaways) from Craft and Ride. Shameless pic attached to get free shipping for next C & R order. @craftandride #craftandride


  • @McFloaty lol just read thru all your replies! Your board looks mean!

    I love my tire too. I tried to compensate for the milage loss by upping my tire pressure a bit for the first week or so but ultimately went back to my 10% of body weight setting.

    Thanks for the advice on fixing my fender, I thought the bulge was odd! I certainly have an abundance of time for mods & tooling around with things these days...

  • @McFloaty interesting to hear that there's quite a mileage drop when switching to the Hoosier. i've been lusting after one, but now i'm having second thoughts...

  • Maybe it's a Pint thing? I installed treaded tires on both my + (Hoosier) and my XR (Burris) and there was no difference in mileage that I could tell. Just FYI, but maybe the percentage difference in weight is higher due to the lower weight of the Pint. But then again, with a rider on board, that difference would be almost nothing. I was actually surprised to read this.

  • @Franko TBH I think weather/temperature is a much bigger factor. The difference the tire has caused hasn’t been all that noticeable IMO (thus why I went back to my preferred tire pressure).

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