Pint tire change, who’s done it?

  • @a_onekatie first, your board looks awesome, including the tire. I should prob read threads before I post... second, saw in the pic of your board a small bulge of fender to rail attachment near handle. I screwed this up months ago myself, and again tonight with tire switch. Loosen up all fender screws and pop it over mag handle to eliminate bulge there. Happy floating.

  • Mileage downgrade with Hoosier treaded over oem. Noticed 25-30% less mileage with this new tire so far, though only a few miles in. It’s a WAY better ride, but comes at a cost in range (feels heavier too when carrying.) It’s a trade I’m willing to make, but everyone’s different- worth knowing if you’re considering a tire switch.

    Great service (as alaways) from Craft and Ride. Shameless pic attached to get free shipping for next C & R order. @craftandride #craftandride


  • @McFloaty lol just read thru all your replies! Your board looks mean!

    I love my tire too. I tried to compensate for the milage loss by upping my tire pressure a bit for the first week or so but ultimately went back to my 10% of body weight setting.

    Thanks for the advice on fixing my fender, I thought the bulge was odd! I certainly have an abundance of time for mods & tooling around with things these days...

  • @McFloaty interesting to hear that there's quite a mileage drop when switching to the Hoosier. i've been lusting after one, but now i'm having second thoughts...

  • Maybe it's a Pint thing? I installed treaded tires on both my + (Hoosier) and my XR (Burris) and there was no difference in mileage that I could tell. Just FYI, but maybe the percentage difference in weight is higher due to the lower weight of the Pint. But then again, with a rider on board, that difference would be almost nothing. I was actually surprised to read this.

  • @Franko TBH I think weather/temperature is a much bigger factor. The difference the tire has caused hasn’t been all that noticeable IMO (thus why I went back to my preferred tire pressure).

  • @a_onekatie i definitely have noticed the temperature thing -- so much so that i don't take my Pint out if it's below 40F. but i think that's just a battery thing, nothing to do with the Pint, yeah. well, i'm still lusting after that Hoosier tire then, i guess. heh.

  • @Franko temperature could be in play here, but after a couple of days and 40 miles I def feel like I’ve lost range. Regardless, the ride is SO MUCH BETTER. It’s better slow, better fast, better on pavement, better on dirt.

    I’m exploring a Goldilocks option, cause I’m never going back to the stock tire- found this on Hoosier’s website- seems like it would fit, the R60B compound seems stiffer than the treaded Hoosier, which I think is a WET compound that’s seems very soft to me, prob why it feels so good. Now that I can change the tire, and have extra slime, at $32 thinking about taking a chance. Any thoughts? Thanks for any tire insight- it’s all greek to me.


  • @McFloaty For me, I went treaded and I'll never go back. The grip is what I like, especially side to side, as I am constantly carving cuz I ride like I'm on a snowboard. Also much more confidence going thru water or wet surfaces as well as mud and wet leaves. To each his own, but I'll never put one of those slippery suckers on my wheel!

  • @OneDan agreed on the side to side grip, and overall feel which is amazing compared to stock tire. Just ordered this Hoosier slick-will update once switched out and rode.

  • One thing to consider with that tire is that the is the stiffness of the sidewall and the stickiness of the rubber. The R60B is very stiff, with very hard rubber. This is good for durability but might be like riding a brick.
    I'm currently riding a very soft D10A which is a bit like riding a sponge. It will do a slow U turn easy on a narrow sidewalk and soaks up cracks really well. Like you would expect it is very quiet and sticky, but crap on even a little mud. I only have 200 miles on it so far, so can't say about durability yet.
    The stock Vega is a pretty stiff and square tire. Which is good for stability for beginners, but less responsive. I think the R60B might be even stiffer but with a rounder profile.
    I'll be very interested in your riding impressions

  • @Sponge315 agreed. For the record it ended up being a $42 gamble. Will update once I’ve done the switch/out test. May take a while cause I’m loving the Hoosier so much- but all this free time could change that quickly.

  • @Sponge315 tire arrived, and tough to tell much from looking/feeling it but appears a rounder profile and drop off from the flat to the sidewall than pint og tire. Rubber seems about as hard as the og as well, but a the sidewall feels like it has a bit more flex (perhaps a little less thick) than the og pint tire. Don’t feel like the full disassemble tire change right now, but will update with pix and thoughts when I do. Pics of new Hoosier slick R60B next to old Pint tire with about 2395 miles below:

    36CECE1B-1576-4017-8325-88D5809D6473.jpeg 33FBFD7B-34F2-40EB-BA42-5A976669A51F.jpeg 4C751464-68C4-475C-B724-1B6A79EF6D76.jpeg

  • @McFloaty Wow that OG, tire looks great for how many miles it has on it. My Vega was showing belts at the edges at1300. I forced it to 1400 just so the math would work out to 5 cents per mile. (Paid $70 with shipping for the new Hoosier) I know, a little ocd, but I just like number to come out even.

  • @Sponge315 also amazed at mileage from og, but attribute some of it from over-pumping the tire after leaks developed 1500 miles in. Had four unsealable leaks at the end, but it was a good tire. Already see it’s next use tacked on the side of the garage with a bit of dirt in the bottom and an aloe vera plant poking out. My first OW tire, fond of it.

  • @Sponge315 so bored I put the hoosier slick on. Only 20 miles on it, but DEF feels like softer rubber than oem vega, picks up pebbles almost as well as the hoosier treaded. Rides in between the oem and hoosier treaded, with a def better edge to edge feel than the og, both slow and fast. Slight mileage upgrade from the hoosier treaded. Think the og pint tire is harder rubber than both, never picked up pebbles the way the hoosier’s do.
    58CFEEB7-D487-4AC0-844A-5534B5E0A02B.jpeg 2E548F0A-49BB-4A75-9D79-7DD482B2A0AF.jpeg 2E6EF79F-4352-4FDC-BF1F-ABA6A86B43AB.jpeg

  • @McFloaty pix uploaded in reverse- the indentations in first pic are result of the pebbles stuck in shown in second pic.

  • @McFloaty if I could only have one, I’d choose the treaded hoosier

  • Aired up it looks very round, not the obvious way, but side to side.
    Thanks for the update.

  • @Sponge315 it def seems and feels like a rounder profile than vega, very carvey, but not quite as nimble edge to edge as the treaded Hoosier

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