New OneWheel Tire Design

  • new-michelin-airless-tires.jpg Hey OneWheel team...why not use a tire like this? If they make them durable enough for cars and military vehicles, I'm sure a smaller design can be adapted for the OneWheel and you wouldn't have to worry about punctures. Just an idea..what do you guys think?

  • @DVO That would have a very interesting feel to it.

  • Remember you need a nice round radius on the edge of the tire in order to make sharp controlled turns... Might be kind of hard with the tires shown in the pictures ;-)

  • I say don't mess with a good thing. I've heard of no one having a puncture yet.

  • Trial and error is the only way to improve. i say try it and if it doesn't work, now you know

  • @lynnpreston the only person I heard having a puncture was some guy on twitter that did it with a nail.

  • @veryous A nail probably would do it. I ride over shells on the beach all the time, and back when I started I was sure they were going to puncture it. No issues thus far though. Of course I do run SLIME, but with daily use, I never notice any SLIME leaking out of the tire.

  • Thanks for the input everyone! Just an idea and maybe it can turn into something or nothing. But we all have the same goal into making the onewheel experience better!

  • One nice thing about the inflated tire is that the psi can easily change for individual rider preference and even individual ride preference.

    Right now I'm enjoying 16psi for all around riding. However on Wednesday I inflated up to 23psi because I wanted more range...which I got for a total of 7.8miles. After I got back I deflated back to 16 where I like it best.

  • Wikipedia said:

    Airless tires generally have higher rolling resistance and provide much less suspension than similarly shaped and sized pneumatic tires.

    Airless tire - Wikipedia

    Also a change from a commodity/common go-kart tires to a custom developed tire. So you get a harsher ride, less range and a higher price in trade for absolute puncture resistance.
    The current tires aren't as puncture proof but they seem to be quite hardy. I rode over broken glass (admittedly tempered) today and my tire is fine.

    Airless tires fix a minor/rare problem (punctures) but introduce three serious one (ride quality, range, cost).

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