Please wear a helmet

  • Had my first major wipeout when I mistook battery pushback as speed pushback and was thrown off the board when I kept going. The board nosedived and I ran about 4 steps before my momentum exceeded my legs and I was sliding on the ground. Luckily nothing was hurt.

    But when I got home I noticed this scratch on my helmet:


    If I didn't have my helmet apparently my statement about not bring hurt would have been untrue. I also own wrist guards and padded shorts which I didn't use today. .. gonna be more diligent with protective gear going forward.

    Everyone. .. please wear a helmet. You dont realize how fast you are going into you actually find yourself needing to propel yourself with your legs at the same speed.

  • Yup use a helmet everytime! The way I see it, my dome is priceless... Simple!

  • Agreed. Never go far without helmet and wrist guards.

  • Glad you were not hurt! I personally think the biggest takeaway though is to not fight pushback. Pushback is a safety mechanism and should never be ignored or pushed through. It seems as if at this point we all are learning the hard way rather than listening to the board which is telling us to lean back and slow down. because I have the app and monitor battery, I've never mistaken low battery pushback for speed pushback. Each time I've gotten low battery pushback I ride it out until I'm sliding on the tail and then I stop. Now I've learned the hard way that rebooting the board and trying to ride further can result in the board losing power with an instant nosedive. I think future motion has done a good job of maximizing performance while implementing safety when needed where as they could start pushback sooner at the expense of performance. Since that is the case I've learned to listen to to board and not push through warnings it is giving. When we ignore the warnings it is our fault and we can learn from that. I'm guessing one day they could write the firmware right detect when riders are ignoring pushback or comes off the sensors and a resulting nosedive occurs. When they do that they could display an app message telling the user what they did wrong and how to avoid it going forward.

  • @rainynite I agree with @Franky. Whether you think it's pushback from low battery or speed, trying to push through it defeats the purpose. When you get pushback, you should always slow down. If it's because of a low battery, it will slow you to a stop at that point, or you at least won't be going full speed when it conks out on you.

  • @thegreck @franky to be clear I did slow down when I felt the pushback, but because I thought it was speed I pushed to go again once I thought I was relatively stable; I have felt battery pushback before (at much lower speeds) and it felt more gradual so I assumed it was speed pushback ; but I guess I must have pushed too hard against it when I decided to go again. Part of it is that I've never felt speed pushback before as I jumped straight to extreme mode when I got the board, and only this ride on a continuous seawall bike lane (i.e. no stops, minimal people to avoid) have I been able to ride as fast as I did today.

    In addition to the protective gear I have also learned the lesson to bring my iPad with me going forward (until the android app is finally out).

  • Another example of equipment saving me - was out riding about an hour after rain had stopped, and hit a slippery patch of concrete and the tire slipped. Ended up falling on my butt and reacted my arms back trying to stop my fall. Didn't seem like a big deal (other than a little embarrassed) at the time, but when I took off my wrist guards a piece of the plastic spine of one of the guards fell off. Looked at the other one, and it was cracked in half.

    The $12 wrist guards apparently saved me a potentially set of sprained or broken wrists.

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