Jump starting a OW

  • Jump mount progression in 23 seconds.

  • @HanahsDax A lot of jumps in 23 seconds! Very nice!

    A question for you: How do you see more than one board on the leaderboards? I have started riding my Plus, as well as my V1, and am curious of my standing on it.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Thanks! I can’t see where I stand with my V1. When I got on the V1 leaderboard for Day Streaks it was a surprise and I found out by just looking. When I called FM they said only the stats for your highest ranking board will show on your app. Another app flaw but I’m a big proponent of it. Curious if you have ever ran a Hoosier 11x6.5-6 tire in all the miles you racked up?

  • @HanahsDax Vegas, an FF Hoosier 11.0 x 6.0-6 treaded, and a Hoosier 11.0 x 5.5-6 treaded (my current favorite - nimble and good for distance)-- and a Burris treaded on a Plus. I also have a preowned Dunlop 11.5 x 7.10-6 with awesome tread which I have never yet mounted. IMG_1207.JPG

    The app flaw that is sending me looking is that to read the numbers for voltage and temperature I have to fish in my pocket for strong reading glasses. More than once I have encountered eyeglasses haphazardly lying on the trail that I had not even known I dropped.

    The Hoosier 11x6.5-6 looks wide and square!

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