Are Onewheels allowed on BLM Trails?

  • We have a lot of MTB trails managed by the BLM here in Southern UT. Does the BLM consider the OW a motorized vehicle? Are they recognized by the BLM as a Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices (EPAMD)?

  • I would be extremely surprised if they gave you a bad time about riding on any BLM or MTB trail that allows mountain bikes. I have seen a fair number of electric "assist" bikes out there.
    I think you could also make the argument that the OW, with its fat tire, has far less impact on the landscape than a mountain bike.

  • E-bikes are explicitly allowed now under BLM law on MTB trails. But want to know what the LAW states regarding OW's as they are not E-bikes.

  • @ConnorNAG2BMX if they’re specifically saying no to EPAMD’s then I hate to break it to you but BART - Northern California public transportation system - does classify Onewheel’s as such. I had to get a permit to be able to carry mine on board. When I called to ask, I found it was the Lithium Ion battery that they were hung up on.

  • @a_onekatie I don't know if they are saying "no" to EPAMD's, or if they even classify them as one? I can't find any info online.

  • @ConnorNAG2BMX you’ll need to talk to someone in the parks system to know for sure. That’s what I’m saying. When I called FM even they did not know and directed me to contact someone within the agency itself. When I did, they asked about the battery and then told me yup, I need a permit. So in BART’s mind at least it is an EPAMD.

    That said, I regularly see other OWers on the system who take the “don’t ask in the first place” approach and have not bothered registering theirs. And I personally also recently rode a hiking trail that had a “no bikes” sign posted, when no one was around/looking. So I guess it comes down to how actively patrolled your trails are and how “in the know” you personally choose to be.

    One last thing, I just realized you’re in Utah, and that’s where @HanahsDax is I believe so he would probably have the best input for you

  • @ConnorNAG2BMX said in Are Onewheels allowed on BLM Trails?:

    @a_onekatie I don't know if they are saying "no" to EPAMD's, or if they even classify them as one? I can't find any info online.

    Closest thing the OneWheel falls under in Utah Law is electric mobility device. Allowed anyplace regular bikes are allowed to ride.

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