Wedged rock

  • I was riding through some landscaping rock and managed to pick up a rock that was just perfectly sized and shaped to do this

    I rolled backwards and forwards a bit to see if it would come loose, but no luck.

    Ended up having to let enough air out of the tire get a wedge in there and work it out.
    Crazy sauce.

  • @Sponge315 040F0F85-E2CD-41DE-92F0-B5A85D3F1B20.jpeg
    Wedged stick. This happen to me many miles and days ago. Glad I saved the photo.

  • Nice rub streak there. Looks like you did the same thing as me, sure that it would fall out any second now. Ten miles later I can still see the groove down the center of my tire.

  • @Sponge315 The stick actually starting smoking and some downhill bikers thought my battery had caught on fire. I was fortunate enough to slow down to a stop before the wheel locked up. Yes I had to let out some tire pressure and luckily one of the bikers had a tire spoon to dig it out of the fender since I didn’t have an Allen wrench to remove fender. Taught me to always carry tools on trail adventures. “Go Prepared” as they say.

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