can the one wheel go down not very steep hills

  • Can it go down not very steep hills without going to fast or falling off?

  • As long as the back of the board doesn't touch the ground you're good..

  • @Jordan-Dover It actually has regenerative braking, which means it''ll slow itself when going downhill in order to store the energy from the momentum back into the battery. So if you ever need a charge, and can't find an outlet... just look for a really long hill!

  • Going down hills and inclines are no problem for onewheel. In fact it's very easy to control your ride if on a mostly solid surface like wet sand, gravel, and pavement.

    The only difficulty I've had is going down steep off-road trails with big rocks. If you go too fast you will end up tail sliding and landing on your ass but if you lean back and take it slow it is not a problem and you get the bonus of charging the batteries with regenerative breaking.

  • @Jordan-Dover Living in a rather non-flat city compared to most american cities, the hill-capabilities was kind of a worry for me at first.
    Turned out that there isn't any road or street in the entire area that I can't ride up or down. Riding down hill is just about as fast as up. The Onewheel brakes to keep you within the speed limit, and the risk of falling off doesn't increase.

  • Just to reinforce what others have mentioned in this post, the OW has no issues handling downhill runs. I ride the causeways in FL very often. I live on a barrier island and love hitting the causeway running/walk trails. Great scenery etc.

    I plan on posting some videos of this soon. :tm:

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