100 Miles - Wanted to Share

  • Hey all -- i know i'm way, way late on this milestone, since i was one of the early Pint owners back in July and here it is now March and i'm just reaching this, but still: i hit my "First 100 Miles" achievement yesterday. i work from home, so i don't get to add commute miles on my Pint like a lot of people do. it's my weekend fun ride, and all winter i've been hitting the slopes instead of hitting the streets, which has impacted my mileage. anyway, i feel good about my new milestone. it happened while i was busy practicing riding fakey and learning curb drops, so there's that. : ) just thought i'd share. hope you all had good weekends, too!

  • @Franko Woo-hoo nice!!! 100 miles isn't bad at all!

    Highly recommend the solo float plate if you think you'll be dropping curbs on the regular. It provides great protection to your board but also allows you to slide a bit which can be a real savior in recovering from something unexpected.

  • @a_onekatie yes, i've been thinking more seriously about float plates of some kind. i haven't managed the courage to go off anything higher than 4" or so yet, but still, i am definitely nailing that. too bad most curbs are taller, haha. (and going UP? forget it. i don't even know where to BEGIN on that...)

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