Square Trade warranty on eBay?

  • I’ve been looking at Pints on eBay, on most listings there is a 3 year square trade warranty listed for around $50. Seems like a no brainer but am I missing something here? I’ve had Square Trade before on my Apple products, if I send in my board to FM on month 13 is it possible Square Trade would actually cover this? Thanks for any feedback.

  • I'd read squaretrade's FAQ first.

    Seems like there are some conditions (Won't cover any issues within first 45 days, water damage plan will cost more, used item warranty only lasts 2 years, they'll only cover as much as you paid for the item)

    So, it COULD work depending on the condition of the Onewheel you purchase.

  • I was looking at new Pints which seem to have a 3 year option, the used Pints have a 2 year, still seems like an interesting option. I assume Square Trade won't repair these and that it would go to FM and they would reimburse. I typically pass on extended warranties but this felt like an interesting option. Thanks for the reply.

  • @skaterboy1 if buying new, why do you feel you need any more than the standard FM warranty?

  • I know a few OW owners who have had issues after warranty, between that and lurking around here, a 2-3 year warranty makes sense. I don't remember what I paid for AppleCare but $50 for a Square Trade on a $900.00 board sounds like an amazing deal at $25 per year ;) I see low mileage used units online but I'm concerned with the start date of the warranties, so I'm either going to by new from FM or on ebay. I may be wrong but if this warranty is legit then I'm leaning to picking up an ebay unit with the offered warranty. I'll probably call Square Trade and get some details, will report back if I hear anything, thanks.

  • Even before you purchase the plan etc. you could try calling both SquareTrade and FM to simply ask if they've done this before. I gotta believe somebody else has already run through this.

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