2020's Summer Fashion Statement

  • Okay, winter in the Great White North is coming to a close, another 6 or 8 weeks it will be wheel time.

    I'm considering going with a different look this summer.

    Last year it was 'Early Old Age Cringeworthy Sk8ter Dude Geeked-Out w/ Safety Gear'.

    This summer I was considering one of the following:

    1. A Captain Jack Sparrow / Captain Morgan Look (completing the ensemble w/ stuffed shoulder parrot & foil-covered cardboard sword)


    1. A Spandex Clad Superhero (must be accessorized with cape, mask, & red calf boot w/ sensible heel)


  • You could go with full out zombie apocalypse . . . that way, if you nose dive the wounds will fit right in! :D

  • @Kielanders Capt Jack is what you want. Spandex and Old never works. Hide some safety gear under the jacket.

  • @stinkyface Flaunt some safety gear!

  • @Kielanders My vote is for the Captain Morgan look. Since low battery pushback ride outs are called Captain Morgan Slides it’s a no-brainer to me. Try to find a mini cannon or a helm to mount to the top of your fender. If you ride “fenderless” you can just cruise around with a fifth. In any case, the Captain Morgan outfit allows you to still wear a cape and some fancy footwear without committing to spandex. Have a “wheel fun time“ this summer.

  • Oh man, Spandex all the way!!
    Pics or it didn't happen.

  • @Sponge315

    I really want the cape, but Stinkyface is right - old and spandex isn't a great combo.

    Plus, with the spandex I'd have to crotch-stuff to even come close to making it work - I mean, I don't want to look ridiculous.


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