Concrete block

  • I started on OW last year. Bought the big boards first then moved to a Pint. Recently sold the pint because of lack of range and bought a Plus with a two-x kit. Now at least I get a solid 12 miles. But holy crap going from a Pint to the Plus was a change. It's like riding on a concrete block, it's very stiff. I've even increased the psi on the stock Vega a bunch which only makes the ride harder but still stiff. I know that the rounded tire on the pint makes for a looser ride and once I got the Pint I didn't ride any other boards so I got very used to the looseness.

    Long story short, I just purchased the Burris 6.0 treaded rounder tire from Craft and Ride. If that's not loose enuf I'll go with the 5.5. Looking back on it I'm glad I had the stability of the Vega when I was initially learning but in my opinion after you've been on a Pint for a while and you like it, you'll crave the looseness and maneuverability of it when riding other boards.

  • @Senior-Coffee The Hoosier 5.5 has made my V1 nicely nimble.

  • The Hoosier 11.0X6.0-6 slick I put on my XR has me turning on a dime. Not sure how long it is going to last since I went with the super soft and sticky D10A. I'm 185 and running about 20 PSI. The softness of the sidewalls I think is what makes it flex and turn so tight. It also soaks up road cracks and rocks like a sponge. Waiting stopped for traffic and such is a bit tougher. I end up getting off more often.

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