Squeaking sound

  • Hey Guys, i just heard that my XR makes a squeaking noise when riding. I dont really hear it while riding but when I activate the sensors and turn the wheel its very noticable. Here`s a video where you can hear it.
    Is it the bearings? Should I swap them out for a new set?

  • Couple things to try

    1. Securely tighten all the screws in the middle area that connect the motor/hub/wheel part to the rail guard/rest of board. Don't forget to tighten the (2? or 4? Phillips ones)
    2. While it's on the chair, listen closely and see if you can pinpoint an exact area where the noise is coming from. Is the tire rubbing on something or is it coming from inside the hub?
    3. If it's a new board, ride it out for another 25-40 miles and see if the noise disappears

  • Hey @zapp

    1. I was cleaning and checking the screws when I discovered this, all screws are nice and tight.
    2. I think It's coming from the edges or inside the hub, it's very hard to tell.
    3. Board has over 2000km on it

  • That is a "rubber rubbing" on hard parts squeak, and it sounds like it is in time with the rotation of the wheel. That leaves 2 options. The tire (obviously) or the bearing seal. I would take a dropper of light mineral oil (like baby oil) and add a drop to suspect areas until it stops. Then you know where it is coming from. Clearance on the back looks really tight I would start there.

  • @Sponge315 The tire is not touching anything as far as I can see so I suppose it's the bearing, putting some oil there doesn't harm it?

  • @Jerre The bearings are greased and have a rubber seal. I wouldn't hit them with WD40 or anything under pressure that might wash that grease out, but a drop of liquid oil on the outside edge of the seal is fine.

  • @Sponge315 Thanks mate, I'll try that

  • @Sponge315 I put some greas on them and that seems to have resolved the issue, Now I'll have to wait to see if it helps in the long run.

  • I suspect a temporary fix. So long as there isn't any bad noise and the wheel is still rolling smoothly (power off). A bearing change can likely wait until your next tire change. I would just keep an eye on the bearing, If you see globs of the sticky grease from inside coming out and rough noise then you need to do a swap. The worse case is if the bearing fails then the stator can rub on the rim magnets. You would definitely hear that.

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