A PSA to the greater OW community during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • I was absolutely shocked to see Wheel Fun Stuff post a video this morning suggesting that OW-ing is a great use of your time when social distancing, yet not wearing any protective gear whatsoever! I’m actually kinda angry, that post was so incredibly irresponsible.

    Just as it is our responsibility to distance ourselves for the greater good, it is also imperative that if you are going to ride your Onewheel right now you fully gear up and do not take any stupid chances!!!! The VERY last thing our Medical Systems need is to be inundated with careless recreational injuries. We all have to make sacrifices; ensuring you are fully protected and maybe waiting a bit to test out that new trick are very small ones we can make, compared to what most others are having to go thru.

    Thanks for reading this!

  • jack was wearing a helmet at least. that's sometimes more than i wear, truth be told. but it just depends what i'm doing. longer rides through unfamiliar territory, yeah, i gear up, but to go a few blocks and ride in the grass at the park, meh. i know, i know, sorry. just being truthful.

  • @Franko I’m sure we all can be more diligent with it. It’s just that at this particular point in time, it’s even more necessary. My husband won’t ride his dirt bike at all these days. And I told my father in So Cal not to even chance going for a drive.

    Just to follow up, Wheel Fun Stuff have since DM’d me and let me know they were thinking of the same things and will start emphasizing the use of protective gear in future vids.

  • @a_onekatie you're right -- i agree that the last thing ER rooms need right now is a bunch of cooped up OW riders showing up with injuries!

  • @a_onekatie well said.

  • 2018 stats show the death toll in America from the common flu alone was ~80,000.


    2018 stats in America for highway fatalities are ~36,000.


    That's 116,000 just in America every single year.

    Gosh, my maff ain't so gud, but that's like a millun+ peeps duh pass 10 yeers!

    For fun, let's throw-in anywhere between 250,000 - 400,000 deaths per year in America from medical mistakes.


    That's A LOT O' DEAD PEEPS . . . every single year for the past decades and for future decades.

    Hey OneWheel folks, it looks like the biggest threat to your life is a medical mistake - so stay safe, and stay the hell away from doctors and out of the hospital - don't become a statistic.

  • @a_onekatie Thank you for writing this Katie. I am hear to confess my wrong doing. I have literally put a "few thousand" miles on my boards and I've been stupid lucky nothing has happened to me. I'm 49 years old, ride better, carve harder, hit faster than anyone I've seen (on youtube or elsewhere) . But If I was not stupid lucky which is rare or my reflexes were off just ONE DAY OR TIME. Well I probably wouldn't be around to write this or tell you how important this is.
    As you advance in skill you'll notice more and more people will watch you and cheer you or even follow you around getting the nerve to ask you questions or whatever. Sounds cool. Well, it is but if your seriously hurt you may never get that far to experience that feeling 😔.
    That would be a shame.
    Protect yourself, always, so you can get to see your true FULL POTENTIAL. ✌️👍
    Katie couldn't be more accurate. I should and WILL be setting an example now instead of thinking how a helmet might look on me. Stupid stupid stupid and yes, careless. I now know I did not look cool but a fool. I actually have a helmet but don't wear it. Dumb! Meanwhile I'm confessing to you all (and this is for me too as reminder) that I will wear a helmet (even the crappy one I don't care for starting now.
    Anyone who has seen me in MBeach area and Torrence area, I apologize for not thinking to be example and to any kids reading this. Don't ever skate,ride or actively do anything where you know you are SUPPOSE to wear protective gear and you don't. There is a reason for it otherwise football players, hockey players, proffesional skaters and "OneWheelers" wear gear. Because someone like Katie took notice and followed logic to have protection on where it's needed. All preventing what could be something you may never be able to walk away from after just ONE wrong slip, slide or something that is unexpected like a driver of a vehicle doesn't look or see you.
    If your a kid who's talking a scaped you hand, let or arm on gritty pavement, ... remember that pain? Imagine now if you had that SAME FALL but where you got hurt before you had a pad or helmet on spot you hurt yourself. Now you understand and you'll wear gear so if you have an accidental fall ever again chances are instead of crying in pain and missing out on joining your friends for weeks or longer, you may be able to get right up from that and keep riding with your friends. Much better than being stuck in bed in crying pain while they are off having fun without you.

  • Well, I now understand what people mean when they say it takes a crises to see someone's true colors.

    • WFS posted an entire video yesterday about using the Onewheel to social distance, again completely sans helmets.

    • The Float Life has now initiated an incredibly untimely #TFLslamchallenge. I believe their intention was for people to dig thru old video to find crashes to post, but they've taken absolutely no steps to clarify this, and now we have multiple riders actually "challenging" each other to crash.

    • Bodhi Harrison had the absolute GUAL to go out and ride a crowded skate park this weekend in Sacramento, while ALL OF CALIFORNIA is on shelter in place orders.

    • I posted another general "PSA to the OW Community" about all of this to my Instagram Stories over the weekend and specifically tagged WFS, TFL, C&R and OW-official. All four accounts viewed my story, and C&R were the only one to reply or even acknowledge it.

    I never realized how incredibly selfish all of these people/companies are! Sad face. Oh well, they've now lost all my follows and C&R will be my exclusive OW accessory provider from here on out.

  • @a_onekatie

    Sorry for my ignorance, but who's WFS?

  • @Kielanders Wheel Fun Stuff, mentioned in my original post

  • @a_onekatie, as @Kielanders points out below, we need to be governed by math and logic, not emotion and fear. Either we are totally overreacting to the flu this year, or we have totally underreacted every other year. 61,000 Americans died from the flu in 2017-2018 flu season and nobody suggested shutting down the nation. So far USA is at about 40,000 influenza deaths and well into the tail end of flu season, where heat and humidity greatly diminish the survival time of viruses outside the body, and contagion and new cases drop to near zero. UPHL Flu+ Stats 2019-2020

    20,000,000 million around the world people die of breathing problems every year, only 2% of those (400,000 a year) are due to the flu. There are 100+ active flu strains in circulation right now like there are every year, but most kill anonymously because we haven't yet named them or developed a test. The latest information is that COVID19 has likely been in circulation since at least November, and about 7% of Americans (23,000,000) would probably test positive for it right now based on U of Washington testing of the general population. There is no reason to freak out as every new case is revealed as this is just documenting the progress of testing, not the progress of the disease.

    Current official estimates of the contagiousness of Wuhan Flu from WHO, CDC, and ECDC put its R0 at 2-3.1, which is slightly above the regular flu, but below SARS, MERS, Norovirus, Zika -- none of which made a big dent in annual flu deaths or forced nations to shut down. Comparative Contagiousness of COVID-19

    What the media and politicians won't admit is that initial outbreak estimates of any newly-identified pathogen are always orders of magnitude too high because early testing is confined to the dead and sick in morgues and hospitals. Based on past years' CDC data, on average a hundred million Americans are exposed to the most common flu strains and would test positive if we did the testing, tens of millions get sick from them, and about 40,000 die from them. CDC Annual Disease Burden of Flu
    So far we've had about 30,000 deaths from anonymous flu viruses, but we are giving all our attention to a charismatic new bug that has only killed 16,365 in the whole world, and 590 in the USA. Hoping POTUS orders the nation back to work and back to school next Monday. Else, many more people will die from hunger, energy poverty, domestic violence, riots, and suicide than from Coronavirus.

  • COME ON, man -- listen to the doctors and nurses in China, Italy, Iran, Spain, France, NYC or New Orleans and then tell me this is anything like a normal flu. there is zero evidence yet that heat in the summer will do anything to this, and either way, there's an entire southern hemisphere going into cold and flu season where this can mutate and change, and it's going to be a year at best before we might have a vaccine for the strain we know about right now.

  • @Telomere you're missing my point, and this thread is not intended as a political debate. So I'll reply once and then not waste any more energy.

    This thread is about asking OW riders to take extra care right now, so as not to provide more strain on our medical communities. The fact that in many countries, they are currently operating full tilt and under way less than ideal circumstances is not debatable.

  • @Telomere

    Your post is absolutely EXCELLENT, thank you - the math provides the reality provided the numbers aren't cooked or skewed by politicians in bed with the media.

    You must know the real threat in order to fix the problem, and that reality isn't coming from the media.

    While as a former firefighter/paramedic I appreciate Katie's post in the abstract, in reality OW riders need to 'buckle-up' everyday for themselves.

    There are a lot of great reasons to NOT end-up in the emergency room - the latest sexy cold virus (i.e. Corona) is one, protecting your own ass from injury in the hands of medical professionals is another, and keeping our community healthy and 'unregulated' is yet another.

    My post wasn't a slam at the medical community either, but having been a member of that community, I know nurses/doctors/first-responders are human, and bad shit happens more than you'd think.

  • Just a little Saturday bump/reminder to keep playing it safe y’all
    Luckily, grass is still quite soft and impact absorbing 😂🤣

  • I'm worried for you guys over there. Doesn't sound good.

  • @Telomere Your name suggests a certain knowledge of microbiology. The data you have provided is also excellent. As a teacher and microbiologist I have presented the same info to my students. But you have left a few key statistics out that need to mentioned.
    Like Influenza Covid is primary a respiratory virus. Meaning that they damage the lungs but generally not enough to kill you. But this damage makes you vulnerable to secondary infection, mostly pneumonia.
    The data that you haven't mentioned is fatality rates. This is tricky since obviously that majority of people who get the flu don't run to the doctor and get tested. So we do a lot of mathematical modeling to come up with the data you have provided. To compare COVID to the flu we need data. China would be the best source, but, its China and they don't have much of a track record for tell the truth. So lets look at areas that have a better history there.
    As you mentioned the level of testing will skew the data heavily.
    Agressive testing and isolation of infected As of 6 April 2020
    South Korea: 186/10284 x 100 = 1.8%
    Germany: 1590/100186 x100 = 1.5%

    For a comparison
    less aggressive testing but similar in geography and time:
    France: 8093/93780 x 100 = 8.6%
    Italy: 15887/128948 x 100 = 12.3%

    Based on your data the fatality rate for influenza is
    61,000/45,000,000 x 100 = 0.13%

    While there is still much we don't know about Covid-19, you can't ignore that the fatality rate is at least 10x
    This is also what the best current mathematical models are also showing.
    For lots of data on this: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality

    So with no intervention (based on your data) we have a virus that 2x as infective (R=2-3.11 vs R=1.3) with a 10x fatality rate.
    9,300,000 - 45,000,000 x2 = 18,600,000 - 90,000,000 cases x 0.01 = 186,000 to 900,000 fatalities.

    (The USA is about 2 weeks behind the curve of Europe, but I have no interest in a political debate. Just the data for me thanks)

  • @a_onekatie
    HiyaKatie ..!? 🤗 We got the message and thankyou! 👍 I'm sure a lot of people saw your message and it was absorbed
    No politics here or rhetoric to try to keep you interested in reading my comments so you'll comment back....
    Oh and if I could just do one small plug here..
    Fellow OneWheelerer's! Surely you're aware that this strange point in history may be upon us longer than we had expected. You must be vigilant and stay inside, avoiding traffic at all cost. Refuse to go outside.🚷 Take a stand with family, friend and well 🥁🥁.......anybody else currently around you at the moment.😁 🥁🥁
    Once that's done you got to "sneak away" dudes !! 😳😉 The streets are empty!!! We may never get this opportunity again!.. I swear I feel like a superhero out there sometimes. Seriously though (GO!!) always always be careful. These things are machines after all, though sometimes they feel like an extension of us while riding. Always be prepared for the unexpected by having an escape plan every second of your ride. Think I'm kidding? Do it! Then just when you've had enough, keep doing it! (Split Sec escape plan) You'll become a much safer and stronger rider all around. "Live to ride/ride to Life" .....(ya, I'm Workin on it 🤷🏻‍♂️) (small plug right hea hea.😁✌️)

  • @Franko
    Yup! That's the word that gets me everytime, "mutate" nobody in the news that I'm aware of have even gone there yet. Have they?? Hoping it was safe to assume that that's not a possibility..everybody would be up in arms if they failed to mention that and knew it was a possibility. Does anybody know the odds on that? Have they displayed those stats??¿¿ Somebody tell me that it's absurd to ponder this be a product of engineering at its finest at some point in time? If the virus has no incubation period they can give it to hypotheticallyeverybody. Say for example over the last year dropping from planes on us and beyond microscopic dust size. Inhaling each and every day but beyond our knowledge. Never to be noticed by anyone. Then, systematically fires off at will where and when outbreaks will occur maybe doing it in waves so the little people can catch their breathe. Okay maybe the remote thing is a stretch but not out of the realm of possibility in this day and age. Say incubation. It could still be done. Be safe and keep it under the table as much as possible. They decide and say we won't let any testing be done as long as we can hold it back. Again, so we won't know we even have it until it's upon us. Folks, was it 2010 or 2012 when all those FEMA camps were found and wasn't it thousands or was it millions of body bags lined up on the ground. ( Made all the headlines in the conspiracy world and all over YouTube at time) was it for this? Somebody's evil plan get delayed? Yes, or course they weren't able to take our guns, remember? Of course with Snowden coming forward alerting us to the joy of metadata and it's use on us by our very own government. Hmm, I'm missing the third. I'm sure there's a third thing, there's always a third thing. Possibly Hillary losing the election?..bom bom boOOmm ! Could be🤷🏻‍♂️
    Anyway incublation period?! Or...just another way of say, "sorry, you don't know when the fuck are you going to get it!"

  • Finally some good news. The CDC was estimating over 200,000 fatalities in the US. They were basing that estimate on models where about 50% of the population stayed home or social distanced. Well the population has embraced intervention quite a bit beyond that 50% and as a result the CDC has revised their model to just over 80,000.
    SlyFoxxx, I do go for one about 5 mile ride a day, I go out late, touch nothing, never get off the board. I feel like Will Smith in Omega Man. Empty streets, with zombies hiding inside.

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