OneWheel+ manufacturing defects found during bearing replacement

  • Recently experienced a growing organ-grinder or egg-beater noise that I correctly diagnosed as bearing failure. With the help from information and video links from this forum, successfully replaced my bearings. In the process, was surprised to find some manufacturing defects with my OneWheel+ that directly contributed to bearing failure. Decided to document the disassembly and defects as a presentation for the benefit of the community. Offered all this information first to Future Motion, but was told everything is good from their perspective. Would love to hear feedback from others as to whether this also affects XRs and Pints.

    Re: Bearing replacement

  • @Telomere nice one. Thanks for the tip on the o-ring selection. Mine were still intact with a sliver skinned off them. I too had some paint overspray in the bearing area. At least they didn't paint the bearing! 😁

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