• I have 700 miles on my board so I’m pretty comfortable riding

    Board is in great shape, haven’t beaten it at all

    Noticed the board has been wobbling when I’m riding on pavement in Mission mode

    Going to Delirium mode seems to help a bit

    Am I nuts ? Do I need to do a firmware update?

  • @jackiemoon did you happen to change your tire pressure? is it maybe higher than you're used to?

  • @jackiemoon -- Have you tightened your bolts?

  • My guess is loose bolts but check what they said^ and also see if your tire has any bulges?

  • @jackiemoon Today my V1 surprised me by wobbling so much so that I brought it back home and took my Plus instead. Checking later, the bolts were tight -- but tire pressure was way low. After adding air I took the V1 out for a long run this evening and it felt right again.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    Thanks for the tips
    I am the worst maintenance person

    I’ll check the bolts
    Forgot what tire pressure do I want?

  • Most people start with about 10% of body weight. 190lbs=19PSI. I run a little higher I'm 180, run 20 PSI.

  • I’m such a numbskull

    My pressure was down to almost nothing

    So much better now

    Thanks all

  • @jackiemoon glad it was something so simple. i hope you don't have a hole in your tire, though!

  • So you were right on both counts. Wobble was from low tire pressure and I do indeed have a slow leak/hole in tire. I’ve tried to patch it with flexseal tape/spray and Stan’s sealant. While I can still ride it, the tire has 600 miles on it and likely needs to be replaced. Ugh. As a result, I’m faced with a bunch of questions:

    1. Stick with the original tire or go for an alternative? I ride a combination of street and trails. Would like better traction off roads, but don’t want vibration on the road that is going to kill my feet.

    2. Changing the tire- I have heard it is miserable to get the tire off and new one back on. I’ve watched the videos and notice they all see to cut off at the moment when the tire is going to come off or on. A new video emerges with a very tired faced person showing the remainder of the install. Anybody in the Boston area that installs them? I sent a note to a place in Swampscott and they never replied.

    3. Send it to OneWheel to have them fix it. It looks like they will install a tire for $99 plus shipping. Has anybody actually done this?

    4. Tune up- with 600 miles mostly road (and I don’t beat on the board) is this necessary?

  • @jackiemoon I've done 3 tire changes and, yes, the first was REALLY hard and it took me over 2 hours. I used 2x4s to set the wheel off the ground and broke the bead with another board vertically. Look for the 20 minute tire change video with @jeffmccosker on youtube, it doesn't cut out during the removal or install. Once you know about the groove on one side inside the wheel, you can use that to your advantage on both the removal and the install. I didn't use any tools the third time and it took a total of about 30 minutes.

    As for tire choice, I'm a big fan of treaded tires with over 3000 miles on them, either the Burris or the Hoosier. Both have excellent grip on pavement and inspire confidence on trails, grass, and even light mud. I rode the Burris for 2700 miles on my XR and loved it, but it does have a bit of vibration and noise. The new FlightFins Hoosier Terrain 2 is similar, but it's WAY quieter and while it rides smooth on a straight line, it carves quicker than the Burris. Overall, I prefer the Hoosier, but it's also pricier at $100 vs the Burris at $70.

  • @jackiemoon pretty much any tire is better than the vega and you will love the improvement. I didn't need a treaded so went with the non--FF Hoosier 6" slick. Cheap and way better than the Vega.

  • @OneDan thanks for the advice. Not looking forward to the removal. That Hoosier tire looks bad a$$! I'll definitely go with that one. cheers,

  • @stinkyface I’m Curious - what makes the FF Hoosier 6” slick way better than the Vega?

  • @Vapco the Hoosier (and Burris) has:

    Softer side walls, so it feels less square edged. So when you do tight turns it doesn't feel like its about to tip over as the vega does.

    Weighs less - lighter, better acceleration (not massive difference).

    Softer rubber compound - less noise, doesn't pick up small rocks as easy.

    Rounder shape - turns better, less effort, smoother carving.

    Slightly narrower - next level balancing skills required. Time to take off the training wheels.

    Pretty much all non-Vega tires offer these improvements. For ref I ride with 25PSI and weigh 170lbs. Higher pressure gives sharper acceleration and gives you more margin to nose dives with less tire/road friction.

  • @Vapco forgot mileage. Mines been similar to the Vega. Got 2,500km from the vega, I'm just over 2,000km on the Hoosier so far.

    Just ordered 2 more Hoosiers from craftnride. Shipping is a killer for us internationals. Each to their own, I'm happy with the Non-FF Hoosier 6.

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