My Kush Nug for your Pint Onetail

  • Hey All!
    So I have 2 Pints... one has a Kush Nug rear footpad, the other has a Pint Onetail. I prefer the Onetail, so if anyone out there has a Onetail and would prefer a Nug, I'll trade you. My Nug is as good as brand new. It's in perfect condition.

    I'm in San Diego/Oceanside and in person would be the best way. Lemme know if anyone is interested.

    I dont really wanna sell it outright cause I dont wanna go back to the factory one, but would consider it I suppose so I could fund the purchase of a Onetail. A trade would be sweet tho. The Onetail would have to be regular, not goofy.

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