why onewheel is not "going in Europe"

  • i bought my onewheel last year. from the first time I've seen a video of a ow ride i get mad and wanted to buy one.
    i did, and i was sure that in a short time a lot of people will do too.
    but it didn't happen.
    now is almost one year, and i can still tell that my ow xr is fantastic, is mind-blowing... but still... I'm the one riding it...
    and without a company, a community... i feel a little strange.
    I don't need to sell it, i ride it every time I have an opportunity.. but the "magic" is gone...i have no one to share...

  • @tartax i see posts from people in Europe quite often on Youtube. there must be a lot of them somewhere... and there was a french thread here awhile back too, if i recall. don't lose hope -- there are people all over the world floating and having fun!

  • You do have a point though.
    I thing FM is missing a huge opportunity at their biggest potential market. I spent last summer in southern Germany. The first mile (Km) last mile is huge there. Trains will take you anywhere. Next to most stops of any size is usually a big lot full of bikes, mostly electrified. While electric assist bikes are fine, they are not nearly as fun. OW could take a big chunk of that potential market if they would just set up some sort of service in the EU.

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