Board slowing down and stopping uncommanded

  • While out riding, every so often, my XR+ will start slowing down with the nose raising (uncommanded) till the tail starts dragging. I get off and the blue light will be blinking about twice a second. I turn it off, then back on so the light is normal (about one blink per second) and I'm good to go.... for awhile. Every 8-10 starts the light does that fast blinking and is not ridable so I have to restart it and go. It's done that for 1,000+ miles but the slowing down is new. Idea's? Thanks, Bob.

  • @speedracer said in Board slowing down and stopping uncommanded:

    While out riding, every so often, my XR+ will start slowing down with the nose raising (uncommanded) till the tail starts dragging.

    Just off the top of my head, this sounds like what happens when you are out of charge.

  • @a_onekatie @speedracer I,m going to asume he knows this happens when the battery is dead after more than 1000 miles of riding. I think the battery cells are out of balance so the board isn`t really sure when the battery is really dead, try plugging it in and leave it plugged in for at least a couple of days and see if that resolves the issue.

  • @speedracer find an android phone and install the Onewave App to connect and check your cell voltages. Screenshot below is what you can expect.

    Download from here.


  • @stinkyface Thanks for the tips. The battery was close to full when this happened (twice). I'll leave it plugged in for a couple days and try to borrow an Android. Thanks again, Bob

  • @speedracer Could be water damage or even a little water on the circuit board. The seals and the battery tray on the XR are not acceptable. This needs to be public knowledge.
    Honestly the XR is not very well executed, not like the pint....When you have the XR apart vs pint. XR seems very cheap. Like it was a school project or something. Feels thrown together and super cheaply made, except for the rails are CNCed, wow! $1800 should be titanium and a CF back bumper.

    I would carefully take it apart and look for corrosion after taking the crap warping battery tray off carefully inspect the silicone. You will see evidence of a good seal. If you see any dirt or water marks, its bad. Heres what my bad one looked like..notice it has missed the lip of the crappy tray and a debris track where water came in is evident. Sad to say there is no seal there at all because some goober misplaced the thing by 2 or 3 mm. Sad.
    This is what $1800 gets you in 2020, i guess..
    In fact, water was in there for weeks while i was using it causing it to act very weird. Then after riding on heavily salted roads i gave it a good hose down and it did not respond after wiping it off. WTF!
    Pretty sure the pOnewheel app saved my XR. I noticed a battery temp reading of close to 150F and immediately took everything apart and dryed it out with fans. Im good with electronics so I didn’t think twice about removing the warranty stickers plus it was about to catch fire possibly....(little did i know that those stickers are actually ILLEGAL now, wtf, Future Motion??!)
    I made sure everything was dry and careful cleaned off green corrosion making sure i had everything in exactly the right place. I took a video of taking it apart first time(for warranty) so this was easy. The power and battery issue was solved and the only issue was my front light was strobing and it would speed up depending on speed which was cool built it eventually stopped working at all.

  • @stinkyface the last reading of 0.04 look odd..

  • @gasbreakdipper said in Board slowing down and stopping uncommanded:

    @stinkyface the last reading of 0.04 look odd..

    Yep. All the Apps allow for 16 cells. Which is whats in the plus and v1. The XR and pint cells are a different chemistry and have a higher nominal voltage, so there are only 15 cells. So the App basically reads zero for the non-existent 16th cell for an XR. All normal.

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