Pint riding modes

  • Did a ride yesterday from full battery to zero battery in Pacific mode. Did a ride today from full battery to zero in Skyline. I couldn't really tell the difference as far as riding between the two so I'm wondering what your experiences are with these two. I did notice only .2 mile difference in range which to me means very little. Thanks in advance.

  • @Senior-Coffee i mostly ride in Pacific, but i have tried Skyline and i do feel that it's more... aggressive? at least it feels something like that to me. Pacific seems made for carving.

  • @Senior-Coffee I ride in skyline all the time. When I switch to Pacific the ride feels more tame to me, kinda like tightening up loose trucks on a skateboard. I also feel like there’s a bit more torque and a punchier feel to the power curve in skyline. My opinions only, and based on feel and not knowledge, so consider the source...

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