Unknown water damage, consequences, lack of proper warranty service.

  • I have been meaning to call attention to this MAJOR issue in the assembly of the XR.
    I bought a XR last May ‘19, it made my summer a blast. When the wet weather came i was a bit worried about the waterproofing on the XR. With the wood decks and stuff it sure doesn’t look like the designers have any idea of what kinda of nastiness will be thrown at this thing in places like my neck of the woods up here in the PNW.
    The water damage was not noticeable to me at first, but it was obvious something was malfunctioning because the battery would go from 60 or 70 % to 10% then die SUPER QUICK. The customer service team did not do their due service in getting it fixed, all they said was: send it in, if they find a problem they will pay shipping and if they don’t i am screwed and stuck with a $80 shipping fee. I could not tell what was wrong with it and trusted that they would not either so i kept riding it till one night after the roads were heavily salted and wet, i had to spray it down pretty good to get the salt off and a few minutes later after drying it, it was dead(i had waterproof port cap and made sure the connection was dry). I turned on the pOnewheel app on an old android phone and had a battery temp reading of over 150 and immediately knew the battery case had been breached, it was hot to the touch..
    So what Future Motion wanted me to do was then package up thing in a box that night(at the risk of burning down a 40 unit building with like 100 people it...!!) RIDICULOUS!!!!
    I immediately whipped out my phone and started recording as i was voiding my warranty but didn’t really have a choice. Taking apart the XR was super easy an unimpressive. I was immediately disgusted with the cheap warping plastic trays, the edges need re-enforcing.
    The silicone seal was eaten away where dirt and sand hit it. There was a debris track were much water had come in right above the cable port. The seal on the battery encasement was jus t a little off but the silicone was cut so sparingly that it made my XR a lemon.There was corrosion in all the places where basically the circuits cannot air out. I was shocked and pissed because this was why my unit was malfunctioning all along. Where is our recourse here? They are abusing their power with the crappy 1year warranty, IMO. What is that anyways??!! For the pint maybe 2 years the XR at LEAST 3 years would be reasonable. Actually getting service should be easy too. Lets get real here.
    Its like these guys feel DO NOT feel enough of a sense of responsibility to the safety of their riders and that really worries me.
    But part of me knows if this thing wasn’t so dangerous, it would hardly be as fun...

  • @gasbreakdipper i forgot to add that Future Motion did offer to fix issues from the water damage, a blown front light strip and the obvious bad silicone seal for $60 or something but i felt at their mercy since i voided the warranty. Honestly I couldn’t trust that they wouldnt try to charge me more money and send back a non working board or basically hold it “hostage” for a extended period of time after the stories ive heard. How many people have water damage and will not know till problems arise and the warranty is over??
    Which is why those stickers are ILLEGAL and I really why Future Motion is still using them?! You guys dont make a good enough product for me not to be able to take it apart and dry the circuit board off if i go out in heavy rain, im sorry. But really you guys at Future Motion should be...smh

  • I’m really sorry for your experience but I honestly do not understand why you thought your XR was waterproof? OW’s, as assembled by FM, are not.

    A.) If you planned to ride it in the rain at all, then you needed to waterproof the board by installing the after market badger kit. Personally I get nervous just riding thru the occasional puddle. If there’s even a slight drizzle out, my board stays home.

    B.) Can you clarify what you meant by “spraying” it down? I sincerely hope that was not a reference to using a hose. That’s like using a hose to clean out your toaster. I mostly use wet wipes when cleaning my pint, as that allows me to control exactly where the moisture goes.

  • @gasbreakdipper

    I'm not exactly sure why you thought the Onewheel was waterproof -- When I started looking at them around the first of August I read on the web page they are not water proof, and are only mildly water resistant (as in a little water every now and then shouldn't cause any real issues.)

    Web page (and manual once it arrived) made it clear enough to me -- water damage not covered under warranty. Because of that I only ride dry roads, if there is even the smallest puddle (or water in a gutter I have to go through) I slow to where the water won't splash around.

    Hose down a onewheel?????? My motorcycle is more water resistant than the onewheel and I don't even hose down the MC -- it get's cleaned in a way that it won't damage any of the components.

    Now opening up the onewheel to see what's inside. That in an of itself (regardless of stickers) doesn't break the waranty.

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