Another Pint vs XR question

  • I'm getting ready to purchase my first one wheel, and I've been mostly focused on the Pint - mainly because of the price. It looks like a good unit, but as I get closer to pulling the trigger, I'm wondering if I'm making the right decision.

    I'm a pretty big guy (220lbs, 5'11"), and wear a size 11 shoe. I'm wondering if the pint is going to feel a little too small for me, and too narrow of a stance?

    I'm mostly into the idea of cruising and carving, and plan to use it to commute to work after this pandemic is behind us. Also would love to get into some trail riding and things like that, not big into tricks.

    Aside from the range differences, do you all think the pint is enough, or should I be waiting and saving a little more for the XR?

    Also, will the slick tire be good for the first while, or should I be considering something treaded for trails, gravel and a bit of grass?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Okay first let me just say that I’m about 8” shorter than you and weigh half as much.

    Before the lockdown I was commuting on my pint every day from September of last year until mid March (and maybe a weeks worth of Rain days). For me, range is never an issue in the city. In the warmer months, at my weight, I could get well over 10-12 miles on a single charge just carving pavement. And I like the lightness and smaller size as part of my commute does involve taking public transportation; I imagine navigating an XR thru crowds, turnstiles, escalators etc. would really take some getting used to.

    I also live in “the boonies” so on the weekends (and nowadays) I ride trails exclusively. The pint holds up well and can honestly tackle any terrain, but even I can start to notice it’s weaknesses here. If I am climbing hills at all, I absolutely tear thru my battery. To date I think I’ve never managed a trail run longer than 4-5 miles or so. For some people that’s totally enough. But if you’re one of us who sort of become addicted upon initiation, you’ll find yourself wanting to push that more and more.

    TLDR while I fully understand the appeal of both models, if you think range is going to be important to you than I’m afraid the pint probably isn’t going to cut it.

  • This kinda depends on how far you are planning to ride this, like a_onekatie said, she gets 10 miles on a charge, expect your range to be almost half of hers. If you think you'll be making long rides it is defenitely worth it to save up for the XR.

    The size of the food pads should not be a deciding factor, you"ll get used to it!

    For the tire, while the stock tire is not considered a good tire in the community I would not change it immediately for a couple of reasons:
    -Stock tire is a good learning platform since its so flat.
    -Changing your tire will void the warranty, so at least wait 1 year.
    -A Treaded tire will decrease your range slightly because of more rolling resistance.
    -As long as the trails are dry, a slick tire will be enough.

  • Thanks for the info @a_onekatie and @Jerre - much appreciated!

    My commute distance will be fairly short 2-3 miles, and I'll be able to charge up at work, so I'm not too concerned about range on my daily rides, but the rest of the time it could be an issue once I get into it.

    That's good to know about the warranty and tire replacements too - I'd hate to void the warranty, so I'll likely stick to the stock tire for the first season, that's good advice.

    I guess there are some option for extending range in other ways, but seems like if I get really into it and want to upgrade to an XR down the road, I could easily sell the pint used, and make the switch.

    Thanks again!

  • @danbetcher
    I'm 5'8 and 230 pounds with a size 12 shoe. Only issue I have (and it might just be me) is the heal lift. I can't seem to get my big foot up on toe enough to deactivate the sensor. So (and I'll take the hate for it) I use simple stop. I've got a little under 3 mile round trip to work (essential employee and all) and have started riding to work. Furthest I've gone is 5 miles -- and still had over 40% charge left (I do paved/cement and not a lot of carving).

    I'm no Slydogstroh -- but this is what my commute to and from work looks like. A lot of people will call it boring -- but I get fresh air, and a little leg work out on my way to work and the way home.

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